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История изменений

Текущая версия 5.3.12:

Conditions of commercial use non GPL (or other not viral license) components are discussed individually.
News and changes in Russian:
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Bug report please send sfstudio[at]mail.ru
1) Fix configs scripts for support bash >=4 and change product name.
2) Kernel version up to
3) Redesign filesystem. Busybox up to 1.15.3.
4) PPPD up to 2.4.5 with more patches as acell-ptpp/l2tp/gigaworld/allow-mppe/etc.
5) Add ACELL-PPTP Kernel support.
6) Mount ramfs particions in kernel mode.
7) BRIDGE: Pause frames shouldn't be passed up by driver anyway.
8) Add ESFQ support.
9) Initial auto detect memory size (fix me 32bit mode support).
10) Add udpxy.
11) Code cleanup.
12) Remove ASUS Code.
13) Original Ralink gui now work.
14) pptp/l2tp/pppoe tun now works.
15) Full rc scrips is write in rwfs.
16) RT3052F embed switch full work now.
17) Rewrite pptp/l2tp/pppoe scripts to support buggy nas (corbina etc).
18) miniupnpd now work too.
19) Add rwfs support (fs save | fs restore | fs load).
20) Auto set mss size.
21) Masqrade now work correctly.
22) IMQ support added.
23) Initial shaper scripts (default priomap and esfq for decrase torrents prio).
24) Kernel ip account support added.
25) Fix crash on sta list.
26) Update userspace daemons and utility.
27) Some busybox fixes.
28) Auto generate UUID for UPNP service on first upnpd start.
29) Check if ppp is up do not change ip from dhcp.
30) Regenerate mac if drop to defaults.
31) Some services start only then start goahead.
32) Replace some code from original Ralink SDK version 3.3.
33) Integrate new web gui in current sources tree.
34) Static routes get from dhcp server (options 79).
35) busybox update to 1.16.0 version.
36) Replace ntpclient to ntpd from new busybox.
37) Add multiple default gateway support for load balacing.
38) Fix boot on 4/16 devices.
39) RootFS on flash work OK.
40) Fix resolve server ip for pptp/l2tp.
41) Add support others type falsh.
42) Job control fix.
43) Fix some daemons crash with error build in future.
44) fs save now save current date and time to rwfs.
45) Fix configure esw mode and more modes add.
46) Fix pppoe reconnect.
47) Fix pppoe long discovery.
48) Restore default gateway after VPN down.
49) WPS wscd daemon now work.
50) Fix dhcp lease parse.
51) busybox update to 1.16.1 version.
52) Fix pptp/pppoe/l2tp redials.
53) Radvd up to 1.6 version.
54) Masqrade for vpn move to ip-up/ip-down scripts.
55) NAT to ISP local net parallel then vpn work now.
56) Never increase MSS, even when setting it.
57) Backport small bridge patch.
58) Backport sock memalloc skb size from kernel.
59) ACCEL-PPTP add module param description and mtu parametr.
60) Patch to fix cut end symbol at hostname in udhcpd lease.
61) Backport jhash3 patch from upstream.
62) More ipv6 fixes.
63) Improve pppoe perf.
64) pptp module patches from wl500 project.
65) More user/password length to pptp/l2tp mode.
66) More clean init.d scripts.
67) Fix kernel crash on recive multicast.
68) Autodetect RAM size (16-64) work now for all devices.
69) UDPXY work now.
70) Igmpproxy work now.
71) Use TMPFS instead RAMFS. Save memory and increase speed.
72) Fix restore nvram after flash at new device.
73) LZMA crash fix.
74) Mtdblock crash and memory leak fix.
75) Remove cifs. User ssh scp instead.
76) Update wifi driver to version from Ralink.
77) More fix build enviroment.
78) Bridge code fixup and more fast.

1) New WebUI based on goahead.
2) New wifi driver, correct work with broadcom wifi based adapters, WMM, etc...
3) Set of corrections in a kernel (netfiler/routing/ipv6).
4) Rewrite logic in init.d for speedup.
5) Add simple software conntrack fastpath.
6) Cleannat module support for clear conntrack table.
7) More connrack helpers and protocol support.
8) Kernel backport fixes from stable tree.
9) Busybox update to 1.17.x tree.
10) Some scrits rewrite for speedup.
11) Remove hldc and vj support for pppd.
12) ppp connection optimization in kernel.
13) DMZ must works.
14) Sync from RalinkSDK from trandnet TEW-691GR GPL code.
15) libnvram fix crash on reliad settings and some leaks.
16) Fix freeze in 802.11n mode change in EthernetConverterMode.
17) ppp use metric 10 for dgw replace.
18) add more workaround for buggy nas.
19) Portforward work now.
20) MAC/IP/PORT filterd work now.
21) pptp/l2tp now work with new corbina bras.
22) Get staticroutes and msstatic routes from dhcp server work now.
23) WebUI Add watchdog enable/disable function.
24) Fix reboot at apply change in ethernet converter mode.
25) Fix lldt control in WebUI.
26) Add interface select for macip filter and port forward in WebUI.
27) Add 802.11g/n mixed mode and set default.
28) Add samba for smb and wins services.
29) portforward and ipport filter scripts now reboot at start.
30) Content filters based on webstr now works.
31) Use WLAN_MAC_ADDR, WAN_MAC_ADDR, LAN_MAC_ADDR variable in nvram for set macs to interfaces.
32) STA profiles now works.
33) Add netmask for ip filter pages.
34) Add asus rt-g32 full support.
35) Fix part table in SPI and nand flash types.
36) pppd up to current git src 24 Aug 2010.
37) xl2tpd up to 1.2.7 version.
38) Fix conntrack flush.
39) Wireless pages split and optimize.
40) VPN page add auth type select.
41) Fix trunclate nvram values at aplly change and device mode select.
42) Fix restart nvram_daemon.
43) Kernel fix lock in mtdchar, more small fixes and cleanups.
44) Fix keep mac adresses at push reset button.
45) libnvram use mtdblock instead mtdchar for write/read function.
46) Fix unlocked kernel write to mtd. Use kernel_lock for fix concurrent write issue.
47) Some scripts rewrite.
48) nvram_daemon and gpio utility no more needed.
49) Add backup nvram to rwfs logic add.
50) Rewrite logic in libnvram and goahead for correct nvram init/close.
51) More optimization init logic and cleanup goahead code.
52) Fix renew ip from dhcp at profile activate.
53) New logic for corbina workaround.
54) Samba fixup to correct build new gcc and others.
55) Some kernel backports and fix needed for correct wifi drivers work.
56) Fix radvd skipping multiple interfaces when UnicastOnly is on or AdvSendAdvert is off.
57) Update pppd from git.
58) Fix gen_wifi config.
59) Fix 40Mhz mode in eth converter mode select.
60) Tune wifi modes for speedup.
61) Fix memory alloc in wifi driver.
62) Fix some errors on libnvram.
63) Fix init gpio for leds and button at wps mode enabled.
64) Some cleanups and review kernel code to fix potentional errors.
65) More kernel backports fixes.
66) Fix compile procedure from clean git copy.
67) Always use v22 wireless extensions at all application and kerenl code.
68) Fix up/down raX interface in sta mode.
69) Backports tmpfs critical fixes.
70) Backports memory critical allocator fixes.
71) Backports tty critical fixes.
72) Backports netfilter fixup from upstream.
73) WebUI fix power set in ethernet converter mode.
74) WebUI fix update firmware and upload settings.
75) In wifi driver fix BW mode on reconnect.
76) In wifi driver fix memory leaks.
77) inet_hash fixup.
78) Fix init logic in goahead.
79) Fix WebUI apply in wireless advanced for googe chrome.
80) Fix memleak in tty driver code.
81) Workaround for badmem devices.
82) Update netsched and netfilter code.
83) Fix corbina dhcp work.
84) Fix restore dns at reconnect VPN.
85) Speedup ppp_generic, ipv4, sys_time, hrtimer kernel code.

1) More backports from upstream.
2) More wifi driver fixup.
3) Some WebUI rewrite.
4) New buggy ISP support.
5) More speedup.
6) Add select WAN port mode in web.
7) Some fixes for support Google Chrome.
8) Rewrite some init.d logic for speedup.
9) Fix wlan client mode + VPN work correct.
10) Fix apply kay at wlan page.
11) Fix rcu locks speed issue.
12) Some optimization.
13) Fix some race condition bug.
14) Fix init phy on buggy devices as D-link DIR-300NRU.
15) More speed init.d.
16) Always use long preamble for CCK. This need to correct work mixed mode.
17) Fix ssh and samba work after login name change.
18) Uclibc fix wchar issue.

1) More correct mount tmpfs and decrase mem usadge.
2) Fix some compile warnings.
3) Add autodetect flash type NOR->SPI.
4) Fix race in libnvram.
5) Use kernel native string functions in wifi driver.
6) Some fix iptables code.
7) Fix defaults for init wifi.
8) Fix update firmware at small memory device.
9) Some potentional leak fix.
10) Remove dead code in wifi and nvram.
11) Some wifi function now works in native mode.
12) Fix build if all wifi driver options is set.
13) Full kernel code review and cleanup.
14) Drop unused, dead and potentional buggy code.
15) Full cycle of retraining flash on command fs cleanall.
16) Increase kernel padded size. Try fix crash mapping.
17) Update AP driver from to version.
18) Update STA driver from to version.
19) Update HW_NAT kernel code and add hw_nat userspace utils.
20) Add LCP echo adaptive options on VPN page. Default on.
21) Use opensource toolchain at 4.5.2 gcc for build project. No binary from Ralink needed.
22) Update boot code.
23) Some optimization and fix in scripts.
24) Wifi bridge fastpath work OK in RT305x SOC to. Save 10% CPU at RT3050 SOC.
25) Drop noatime function for small devices save CPU ticks.
26) Uboot code compile and works now OK.
27) Add conntrack reservation. 400 records in list must be reserved for high priority pors.
28) Add fulldump makefile to create single image (boot+kernel+rootfs) for write direct to the flash.
29) Integrate kernel mode pppoe/ipv6 pass through. Default disable.
30) Wifi more small step for power regulation. Default 30. (values=5,10,20,30,35,40,45,50,60,70,80,90,100% = reduce 12..0dB).
31) STA mode - add AutoRoaming=1/0 variable. Enable disable connect migration over wifi ap based by SNR. Disable default.
32) STA mode - add AutoConnect=1/0 variable. Enable connect to first AP is SSID to connect = NULL. Enable default.
33) STA mode - add FastConnect=1/0 variable. Enable fast connect procedure to AP. Enable default.
34) Update busybox to 1.18.x stable tree.
35) Add support classful routes and rewrite (ms)staticroutes parser code.
36) No more need restart services if ip no change at dhcp renew.
37) Fix calculate some sysctl tune parametrs.
38) Fix resource leak (no socket close) station mode code in goahead.
39) Add auto try auto reconnect to AP if lease fail.
40) Add iwlist util for manual rescan (use iwlist ra0 scanning).
41) Add kabinet auth to WebUI in VPN page.
42) Kabinet auth works OK. Thanks Dmitry Novgorodov.
43) Add switch reinit mode at lease fail (dhcpSwReset=0/1 default 0).
44) Enable/Disable NAT fastpath with net.ipv4.netfilter.ip_conntrack_fastnat. Default enable.
45) Enable/Disable Cron variable CrondEnable=1/0. Default disable.
46) Add support user specific tx rate of mcast pkt for igmp snooping (McastMcs=0..15 default 0).
47) Fix restore backup settings.
48) Move to kernel_rootfs nopadded mode. Economy ~64Kb not compressed flash.
49) Fixed RWFS on mtd position at 2 blocks and of mtd device.
50) Fix update firmware in nopadded kernel_rootfs mode.
51) Fix profile settings at STA disconnected from AP.
52) Add workaround for broadcom clients (WPA+dhcp).
53) Add option 57 for dhcp support.
54) Fix pptp/gre nat helpers support.
55) Add module expressnat offload ported for independed conntrack. Need fix some bug in code.
56) Fix crash goahead at ap get mac list (new driver add ApIdx in RT_802_11_MAC_ENTRY structure)
57) Fix igmpproxy wan port select
58) Some kernel code optimizations
59) Update radvd to 1.7 version at Jan 12, 2011.
60) More kernel/apps optimization and more clean build userlevel.
61) Fix ip fragmentation.
62) Not wait connect STA+PPPOE if PPPOE iface=lan.
63) Update fib and net kernel subsystem.
64) Memory subsystem speedup.
65) Tune raether buffers size for improve performance.
66) Random subsystem update and speedup.
67) Correctly handle 64-bit values on 32-bit architectures.
68) Fix replace route in ppp on dhcp renew and fiw rewrite dns from dhcp at renew.
69) Add switch mode speed select in WebUI.
70) Add bridge fastpath enable/disable in WebUI.
71) Fix speed regression (non correct align at memalloc in dev.c).
72) Fix ip timestamp issue.
73) Small route speedup.
74) Add send_sigusr_dhcpc sysctl param. Enabled by default. Renew dhcp lease at WAN port status change.
75) More correct vpn restart at WAN dhcp mode.
76) Add ipt_account support. Full work only NatFastpath disabled.
77) Fix add default gateway over static routes.
78) Add Request IP parametr in dhcp client.
79) Add rwfs autoclean at firmware update support.
80) Update dnsmasq to 2.57 version.
81) Fix redial pptp/l2tp at uplink physical disconnect to small time.
82) Speedup route.
83) Some updates in network kernel code.
84) Fix connect to new l2tp brases by Juniper.
85) Correct mac/ip filters in NAT mode.
86) Use extra interrupt in CPU.
87) Rewrite init scripts for lanauth.
88) Add chillispot code in sourcetree and modify WebUI.
89) Add samba/wins WebUI.
90) Add dhcp domain oprion support.
91) Update dropbear to 0.53 version.
92) Fix ipt_account WebUI.
93) Some pppd fixes.

1) Some kernel network/netfilter subsystem fixes.
2) Usb fix some buggy device support.
3) More correct gcc flags for mips arch.
4) Support __cold gcc attribute in kernel.
5) More fixes for memory subsystem.
6) Small patch for more preempt and speedup.
7) Fix subchannel and country code change.
8) Fix wins WebUI.
9) Prevent watchdog reset device at serial in/out (poll timer from serial driver).
10) Prevent watchdog reset device at lan rx (poll timer from raeth driver).
11) Update bropbear to 0.53.1 version.
12) Fix restore MAC adresses after "hardware" reset.
13) Fix align in raeth code.
14) Drop code compat with 2.4.x kernel and cleanup.
15) Prevent deadloop at WAN apply change if VPN started.
17) Add tvport support.
18) Route code speedup.
19) Backport new jhash implementation.
20) Some IE compat fixes.
21) Rework and cleanup netfilter code.
22) Fix update firmware on 8Mb FLASH devices.
23) More correct error handling in the course of firmware update.
24) Extended LED boot indication.
25) bridge, route and others speedup.
26) Workaround for no-cache in IE.
27) Backport network fixes from upstream.
28) Consolidate fastnat code.
29) Fix for full disable fastnat mode if need.
30) Fix Cone NAT implementation.
31) Fix syslog in WebUI without CONFIG_LOGREAD in busybox.

1) Fix EAP in bridge/mbssid mode.
2) Enable double vlan tag support per default.
3) Fix net/ip fib metrics.
4) Zebra suspended (not build with gcc4.6.0).
5) Try workaround speed regression in mips32r2 at RT3050 rev P0.
6) Remove some dead code.
7) Fix some leaks.
8) Add HiPower variable. Use for increase LNA gain. DANGEROUS. Reduces RF module life.
9) Rewrite content filter page.
10) Fix anntena numbers.
11) Add sysctl net.ipv4.vlan_double_tag variable for enable/disable double tag support.
12) Netdevice code and some increase counters resolutions for network interfaces statistic.
13) PPPOE more correct ignore PADT packets whose destination address isn't ours patch. Need check in recive path to.
14) In udp.c need check rt != NULL for prevent use after free.
15) Fix continuos allocation memory for modules.
16) Kernel start time set to Apr-03-2011 instead 2000Y.
17) Some symbols need export for compat with new code.
18) Rework build system.
19) Add wan_manual_mtu variable 0/value default 0=auto,get from dhcp server.
20) Add vpnPurePPPOE variable 0/1 default 0=full WAN+PPPOE mode.
21) Initial PPPOE Fastpath for mem and cpu save.
22) Fix Color WPS LED.
23) Some scripts rewrite for speedup and save flash space.
24) More chek for prevent crashes in fastnat.
25) Consolidate some bridge code for more optimize.
26) Packet scheduler clock source set to jiffers for save cpu time.
27) Add vlan_double_tag nvram variable for enable/disable QinQ support.
28) Auto enable double vlan tag in switch at eth2 up.
29) PPP Disable multilink operation by default.
30) Fix h323: bug in parsing of ASN1 SEQOF field.
31) Initial RT5350 support.
32) Fix use ipcalc for ipt_accounting.
33) l2tp/pptp only if server and gw in different subnets need add route to server via gw.
34) Netfilter core optimize nf_hook_slow workaroudn.
35) Update usb support for Ralink chips.
36) More clean autodetect procedure of 2 stage.
37) Add autodetect for NAND flash type. Now single image may be work at all flash types.

1) PPE now work. Initial HW_NAT and PPPOE Offload mode support.
2) For natFastpath nvram_variable add some modes (0-disable,1-SoftwareFastnatOnly,2-HardwareFastNatOnly,3-ComplexFastnat).
3) Add select leases adress for static leases from list.
4) Fix freez at reload wifi modules. Need remove hw_nat first.
5) Revert workaround for some not correct configured in uboot devices as DIR-300NRU.
6) Fix ipmacfilter in HardwareFastNatOnly and ComplexFastnat mode.
7) Use states for servicelimit incoming connections and some macros in iptables script for readable.
8) Default INPUT policy now set to DROP.
9) Simple QoS suport. TOS based QoS for auto prio some ports and minimize delay for interactive applications. (simple_qos variable).
10) Auto disable SoftwareFastpath and increase binding threshold for HW_NAT if QoS Enabled..
11) Add hw_nat_bind variable to set binding threshold per second for HW_NAT (1~500 more value = more normal path and load cpu. Default 30).
12) Rework logic for portforward. Auto enable forward direct if ipportfilter disabled.
13) Some fix for dns server select in some situation.
14) icmp service limit fix.
15) pppoe: drop PPPOX_ZOMBIEs in pppoe_flush_dev.
16) ip: ip_options_compile() resilient to NULL skb route.
17) Fix replace pppoe dgw on lease renew.
18) Some WebUI fixes for Fastnat mode set and QoS.
19) Fix show gateway in wan config after VPN up.
20) Add AP2040Rescan variable allows to scan forcedly a state of an ether after a configuration of radio of the unit in AP mode.
21) Dnsmasq start as nobody for more secure and fix some buggy situation.
22) Add check symbols in admin password and login.
23) Some cleanup and optimize init scripts.
24) init.d now log to syslog.
25) Boot speedup and save memory at first stage.
26) Fix SoftwareFastpath not enable in Complex offload mode. Is regression.

1) Add initial RT3662/RT3883 + RT309x support.
2) Wi-Fi coexistence now disable per default. (variable HT_BSSCoexistence 0/1
3) Add HT_BSSCoexApCntThr variable to install manually a switch-off threshold 40MHz mode wifi. If AP on air > HT_BSSCoexApCntThr.
4) Some init scrips more correct use some variable.
5) Do not send multicast and broadcast to PPE. Workaround for work IpTv in some configuration. Use CONFIG_RA_HW_NAT_SAFE for build.
6) Only packet has valid ethernet adress need send to PPE. Need for correct track uncknown sessions. Use CONFIG_RA_HW_NAT_SAFE for build.
7) Smal fix in memory size autodetect.
8) Fix xfrm build.
9) Backport some fixes from vanilla kernel.
10) Add config target for USB 2T2R devices at 8Mb Flash.
11) Try fix regression for Asus RT-32G rev b1.
12) Update HW_NAT code to 0.9 version.
13) Fix send error in raeth (decrease tx timeout).
14) Optimize service restart script for speedup.
15) Correct some defaults for WDS mode.
16) Fix portforward at vpn enabled.
17) Backport ch341 serial driver.
18) Add vpnService variabe to select PPPOE service name to connect.
19) Improve kernel sched performance.
20) Rework QoS WebUI.
21) Fix boot.img build.
22) Kernel irq code cleanup.
23) In pppoe pure mode no need add MASQ rules to localnet.
24) Use zeroconf for obtain ip adress for wan in pure pppoe mode. Need for correct igmpproxy work.
25) Add zeroconf mode for WAN wanConnectionMode=ZERO.
26) No more need dev.tgz in rootfs. Save flash size and more speed.
27) Add ntfs-3g p910nd to buildtree (8Mb devices with USB).
28) Fix auto start vpnhelper in pure pppoe mode.
29) Add libcurl, libevent, transmission to 8Mb devices.
30) Correct lib alias.
31) WPA supplicatnt enable by default for 8Mb devices.
32) Openssl up to 0.9.8r version.
33) Add libpcap (8Mb devices).
34) Add tcpdump (8Mb devices).
35) Fix IgmpSnooping enable/disable.
36) Fix VPN Peer DNS enable/disable.
37) Fix ntp date sync and some situations.
38) New init scripts structure for boot speedup and moe clean logs.
39) Add libtr to romfs. Need for some application. 4K+.
40) Fix timezone.
41) Fix async_tty build for modems support.
42) Some fixes for miniupnpd.
43) Optimize cache page alloc.
44) Some fixes for igmp.
45) HTB and sys_signal upstream fixes backport.
46) Rewrite routes WebUI for full support VPN and others.
47) Sync to busybox current tree.
48) Decrease HW_NAT foe table size for 3050F devices of 16Mb. Try fix ooom at RT3050F <32Mb RAM devices.
49) Some workarounds for save memory at 16Mb devives in init scripts.
50) MTD subsystem some fixes and more more backport from current vanilla kernel.
51) Flash API always use mtd char device.
52) ralink_spi.c Fix sanity checks on rw.
53) goahead code cleanup.
54) Filter all unused CONFIGS options from kernel config on create images. Is speed up boot and save mem.
55) More usb support fixes and optiomizations.
56) Site Survey Access Point Graphical Diagram.

1) Sync from SDK.
2) Update Uboot code.
3) More base support RT5350 and full support RT33**.
4) Fix watchdog, rdm, usb drivers.
5) HTB fix rate select.
6) busybox version up to 1.18.5.
7) Add usb_modeswitch.
8) udpxy up to 1.0-20 version.
9) Update squashfs to version 3.4 stable tree.
10) Some mips fixes backported.
11) Some usb fixes backported.
12) Speed up writeback of big dirty files.
13) Fix support RT3352 in libnvram and some nvram variables remove.
14) Driver core: check return code of sysfs_create_link.
15) Tune inetd options for more safe.
16) Always allocate at least 16 skb frags regardless of page size for speedup.
17) Some init scripts optimize for speedup and more secure.
18) Some skb, net, rcu subsystems optimize.
19) Optimize VPN helpers for more readable and correct logic in STA mode.
20) More settings now apply without reboot device.
21) Decrease logic iteration overhead.
22) Up miniupnpd to 1.5.20110623 version.
23) Update libnatpmp to 20110103 version.
24) MIMO Power Save Mode set to static scheme.
25) In High Power mode disable MIMO PowerSave to.
26) Add device autoprobe support in kernel.
27) Cleanup nvram fields.
28) Fix route loop at some VPN providers in static mode.
29) Rework logic add user routes.
30) Use SNAT per default instead masquerade. This is more speed and decrease cpu load (to disable set use_snat=0).
31) Add NAT loopback support.
32) Fix DMZ<=>VPN conflicts.
33) usb_modeswitch up to 1.1.8 version.
34) HSO Backport some fixes and ID supported devices from upstream.
35) Fix TC HTB hanging.
36) Backport fixes for vfs/ext2/ext3/fuse from upstream (critical fixes and speedup).
37) Transmission update 2.23 version.
38) scsi subsystem backport fix errors and optimizations from vanilla kernel.
39) Fix kernel extension logic.
40) Add coldplug logic for init mdev event at boot time.
41) Update toolchain to 4.5.3 gcc version and 2.21 binutils version.
42) Now set gpio default for NEW WR Acorp product by default.
43) Update libntfs-3 and ntfs-3 fuse driver/utils.
44) Add parprouted to build tree. Need for transparent LAN/WiFi segment agregation(parproutedEnabled=0/1).
45) HSO driver up to 1.14-Option version. (backported from new kernel verion).
46) Backport fixes usb from new ralink sdk.
47) Add hack in xl2tp and fix config in l2tp_helper for support new beeline l2tp logic.
48) Iptables not need drop all icmp in vpn mode (fix ping frome wan in some situations).
49) Add hotplug logic for flash/hdd/modems support.
50) Remove dev_fs dead code from ralink drivers and others kernel subsystem/toolchain/boot.
51) Increase priority for pppd and xl2tpd for prevent disconnect at high cpu load.
52) Workaround to work IMQ and correct Mark with HW_NAT or Software Fastpath enable by default.
53) Some fastnat optimization. Save ~3% CPU at L2TP connection and more correct conntrack work.
54) PPP prevent drop session at high cpu load. If cpu load > max allowed ppp must drop packets.
55) Fix MINIUPNP rules position in iptables script(change to PFW->UPNP->DMZ from PFW->DMZ->UPNP).
56) Update miniupnp and libnatpmp to 1.5.20110715 version.
57) Fix script generate for webstr.
58) Fix mbssid up logic.
59) Fix fuse_daemonize with uClibc.
60) xt_webstr now work with nat offload enabled (Content Filter work OK).
61) Add hardware led indication update firmware process(Use WPS and SEC LEDs).
62) Fix modutils code need used /etc for modules.* files(aliases and other).
63) Update radvd to stable tree.
64) Cleanup buildtree and more correct build.
65) Fix pptp plugin segfault on some time and some ISP.
66) Expand ppp watchdog.
67) Move lcp options to nvram. Default vpnLCPInterval=30 vpnLCPFailure=5.
68) Add vpnCpuLimit to nvram. This is prevent full cpu load by ppp_generic module(default/optimal 3600, 0-disable, 1000-minimal used).
69) Fix kernel extencion at QoS enabled script.
70) Fix work pmtu discovery at hw_nat enabled.
71) xt_MARK now work with sw_nat enabled(disable offload only for marked packets).
72) Fix regression in conntrack code(kernel crash at filter connections in complex mode offload NAT).
73) Disable modules autoload from iptables. Need direct modprobe in init scripts.
74) Replace various uses of num_physpages by totalram_pages. Sizing of memory allocations shouldn't depend on the number of physical pages found in a system.
75) Fix upnp work in vpn mode at old kernel+new gcc. This is compiler bug.
76) Transmission update to 2.33 version.
77) Add blkid need for automount.
78) PPPOE must flush connections when MAC address changes too.
79) Usbctl fix device detect.
80) pppd: pptp plugin some bugfixes.

1) Fix use /etc/hosts dnsmasq.
2) Fix /etc/hosts generate if wan_ip="".
3) Increase samba buffers size if usb enabled.
4) Update xl2tpd to 1.3.0 version.
5) Update miniupnp and libnatpmp to 30072011 version.
6) Merge ipv6 stable patches from upstream.
7) Remove pppd_dead workaround (no more need).
8) McastPhyMode set to 3 (HTMIX) by default (0:Disable 1:CCK, 2:OFDM, 3:HTMIX).
9) Backport some fixes (ipv6/igmp) from upstream.
10) Disable IGDv2 for miniupnpd (this is not stable option).
11) Usb_modeswitch: add new devices support.
12) For devices supported usb storage add /opt dir. Need for optware support.
13) Busybox up to 1.19.0 version.
14) Miniupnpd disable USE_IFNAME_IN_RULES by default.
15) Miniupnpd fix start script.
16) Zcip.script: fix environment variable.
17) Reconfigure busybox for some memory save.
18) Udhcpd set FEATURE_UDHCPD_BASE_IP_ON_MAC per default.
19) Iptables/netfilter speedup.
20) Usb_modeswitch update to 1.1.9 version.
21) Fix usb autodetect scripts.
22) Apply post 1.19.0 busybox patches.
23) Fix CONFIG_NLS_DEFAULT in config (utf->utf8).
24) Update kernel nls subsystem.
25) Automount.sh first try mount with utf8 codepage.
26) Send hup signal to pppd before kill daemos for correct link down.
27) Fix zebra build and enabled per default for 8Mb flash devices.
28) More use ROMFSINST instead direct copy.
29) Do not strip at romfs inst. Need for correct strip.sh (sstrip) work.
30) Some configs install to /etc (rwfs) only if needed apps configured. Save flash.
31) Tar autodetect compressed tarballs enabled per default.
32) WebUi spelling/spacing fixes.
33) Add samba v3.3.16. Use CONFIG_USER_SAMBA3 in config-config*.
34) Add /etc/wan_up.sh in internet.sh hook for exec user scripst at physycal connection configured.
35) Fix Multiple SSID work.
36) Add make image mode 2T2R-USB-IPV6 and 2T2R-USB (second without ipv6/tcpdump/zebra/wpasupplicant. With SAMBA3).
37) Some fix build system for more flexible.
38) Now only needed rw images installed to /etc.
39) Fix defines in goahead for support SAMBA3.
40) Rewrite auto mount script. Add auto_swap nvram variable to find and mount swap particion on USB drive(auto_swap 1/0).
41) Add libiconv(need for samba3 utf8->cp866 filenames conversion).
42) Samba3 use libiconv without locale support(this is hack for save flash size).
43) Rework lib build system. Fo more easy port new libs.
44) Support ext2 and udf file systems is temporarily disconnected.
43) All fs now mount with noatime option(speedup).
44) Rwfs now use bz2 instead gzip.
45) Tamba3 fix permissions at systems without user named root.
46) Cleanup some nvram defaults and move to romfs target.
47) Tune samba3 config for more compat with some MS-WIN apps used file based DB.
48) Try fix regression in ext2 module.
49) Add SmbTimeserver variable for support time server compatable with WinNT.
50) Tune kernel for file services as torrent/samba/etc.
51) Radvd up to 1.8.1 version.
52) Add vpnTestReachable variable. Is vpnTestReachable=1 test VPN server reachable before connect.
53) Fix /proc/cpuinfo SoC type detect. Detect 2880/3052(3050)/3883(3662)/3350/3352/6855 RT chips.
54) If defined CONFIG_USB_STORAGE install optware-install.sh script to image.
55) UClibc always use large file mode for fopen function (8mB usb devices).
56) Samba3 always use large file mode.
57) SpeedUp generate new mac adresses.
58) Remove upnp support from transmission. Save mem and cpu ticks.
59) Add RemoteTelnet and RemoteFTP variable for disable/enable FTP/Telnet services.
60) CONFIG_FDISK_SUPPORT_LARGE_DISKS set by default for USB devices.
61) Rewrite automount.sh, now correct mount ext*/fat/ntfs and swap particions.
62) Support auto mount optware by label(for automount particion label need set to optware).
63) FIx use file offset=64 in uClibc.
64) Always use PATHs and variables from /etc/profile.
65) Add in /etc/profile variables needed for transmissions.
66) Umount all filesystem at reboot from goahead if CONFIG_USER_STORAGE is set.
67) Try samba3 fix show free space size.
68) Add pinger (lan/wifi/uplink) for wake up client devices and support uplink connections always on-line.
69) Fix /media and /opt mount.
70) Fix client direct to dns mode.
71) Dnsmasq up to 2.58 version.
72) Check size /var/udhcpd.leases in pinger.sh.
73) Fix build usb firmware upgrade.
74) Need restart dhcp server at samba apply change.
75) Last particion mounted to /media set as public for samba.
76) Last particion mounted to /media set as torrent home dir.
77) Set announce version=5.1 (WinXP) for samba3(mkre compat with XP and later Windows versions).
78) Samba allow connections and allow acess only for local network client(more secure).
79) Samba now correct get disk size and free space from vfs.
80) Automount.sh restart samba after mount particion.
81) Miniupnp set port range to 1024-65535 instead 0-65535.
82) Remove old dead 3G code from goahead.
83) move some scripts to user/usb. More free space in rwfs.
84) Disable hotplug before update firmware.
85) Samba2/3 merge the smbd and nmbd binaries. The binary generated is called "smbd", while "nmbd" becomes a symlink(decrease duplicate code).
86) Fix auth type select in VPN.

1) Update busybox to 1.19.2.
2) Update libevent to 2.0.13 version.
3) Add support exec external scripts on wpn button pressed or hold (/etc/scripts/OnPressWPS.button and OnHoldWPS.button scripts. And WPSHlprmode variable).
4) Update Uboot to sdk version.
5) Some kernel fixes backport from sdk.
6) Hotplug now support print server.
7) Update Ralink Hardware NAT to v0.92 sdk.
8) Add spi workaround from sdk.
9) Fix boot device detect for RT6855.
10) Update gdma driver form sdk.
11) Backport SPI driver from New flash support.
12) Backport rdm driver from SDK.
13) Fix RT6855 support in serial drivers.
14) dwc_otg driver up to sdk version.
15) usb gadget up to sdk version.
16) ehci driver up to sdk.
17) Add mobilepack support to usb option.
18) gdma and i2c drivers up.
19) update pcm and i2s drivers up from sdk.
20) watchdog drivers up to SDK.
21) 8021q ralink tso support.
22) Prevent IGMP report packet flooding to all NICs.
23) Usb suspend at start need for power save.
24) Fix build with 3.82 make version.
25) Backport raeth driver from (v2.1).
26) Update sta driver to
27) Update ap driver to
28) Add /proc/rt3052/esw_cnt for traffic statistic per switch port.
29) Support Ralink RT3883+RT5392 referenece board.
30) Fix mips 24kec "Wrong EPC on Exceptional J/JAL Targets" issue.
31) Fix raeth driver: hardware checksum offload only support ipv4 packets.
32) Update ated: magic number check after wifi driver version 2.5.
33) Kernel now support IPv6 Ready logo.
34) Raeth re‐initialize frame engine if TX timeout occurred.
35) Watchdogs supprot user and kernel mode watchdog module.
36) In bridge or ethernet converter mode switch need reconfigure to novlans mode.
37) Rework switch init code. More correct and speedup.
38) Blink sec+wps led at boot before start goahead.
39) Asinc blink wps/sec led if goahead not found.
40) Update rw_init bin files for RT3x5x and add images for new chips.
41) Fix some fields enable/disable in skb.
42) Add init script for transmission daemon.
43) Libcurl update to 7.21.7 version.
44) Small kernel code arp fixups.
45) Update ralink apps.
46) Support new igmp snooping version in igmpproxy.
47) Add variable igmpSnoopMode. Values=n/f or NULL.
48) Fix some leasks and more safe libnvram.
49) Igmpproxy code sync with upstream git.
50) Fix build at some distro.
51) Fix dirty inode set in fs subsystem.
52) Add support volume_id for vfat filesystem.
53) Hide 802G/N mode for ethernet converter(STA driver not support this mode correct).
54) Remove some debug messages from web and set auto redirect at apply push.
55) Rework wifi/wan/lan reinit in internet.sh. More correct for MBSSID mode.
56) Fix wds reconfigure and operationMode adjustment.
57) Video turbine MSC extended mode enabled for wifi.
58) Update wsc_upnp to 0.2.2 version from SDK.
59) Fix dns static and relay disabled mode.
60) Small fix double vlan tag.
61) Uboot add disable/enable erase command to menuconfig.
62) More checks data in dhcpd configure script.
63) Goahead: fix some services restart.
64) Add reinit LAN ports in direct dns relay mode, need for renew params at clients (if disable dnsmasq and emable dhcp server).
65) init.d fix screen bug in some scripts.
66) Fix configure dns in vpn mode if uplink not send dns servers in pppd session.
67) Tune miniupnpd defaults.
68) Printserver p910nd use bidirection mode by default.
69) More optimize for small/save memory builds.
70) Update wireless tools to v30-rc7 (need for support UTF-8 SSID in console tools).
71) Goahead fix proc gmac path for new chips.72) Fix dhcp setup webui and small corrections defaults.

1) Add check oversized packets in rx path.
2) Small fix skb_alloc in raeth.
3) Small fix packet padding in raeth.
4) Rework raeth config procedure in driver.
5) PPP fix multilink fragment MTU calculation and build fix.
6) Use faster hash funcrtion instead jhash2 for arp subsystem.
7) Fix "Fragment Reassembly Timeout" send (RFC792).
8) Kernel nvram now work and set by default.
9) Fix work some usb2serial converter and 3G modems (very low speed).
10) Fix udppath need for correct l2tp kernel mode driver.
11) Leave carrier on for empty bridge.
12) Add nat loopback support for DMZ.
13) Add UDPXYPort variable to change default udpxy port.
14) Add libnet (need for cdp).
15) Add Cisco Discovery deamon support.
16) Fix configure security mode for MBSSID.
17) Update udpxy to PATCH120.
18) Workaround for accept frames > 1514 bytes.
19) Need drop done bit and touch LAN hardware at not allock new skb. Fix realloc.
20) xl2tpd update to 1.3.1 version.
21) If kernel nvram module enabled need backup nvram only first boot and "SaveAndReboot" menu click.
22) Add DMZNATLoopback variable. Enable disable NAT loopback for DMZ host.
23) Transmission up to 2.41 version.
24) If DDNS is select need add ddns alias to /etc/hosts with wanip.
25) Fix zcip script and zeroconf now work OK.
26) Rework iptables logic for DMZ work in VPN mode.
27) Net core, mm and fs subsystems some optimize.
28) More correct reload ppp modules for 16Mb devices (Try fix PPE issue).
29) No nedd remove ppp modules for 32Mb devices (Try fix PPE issue).
30) Vpnhelper rework pppd down procedure (Try fix PPE issue).
31) Net core dev hack for fix unregister ppp driver based to cardmap (Try fix PPE issue).
32) If vlan_double_tag=0 use hardware vlan offload. Save ~10% cpu (after change variable need restart).
33) Always use for pppoe/pptp/l2tp ifname=ppp0. Others ifaces must be start from ppp1.
34) Fix work vpn at some ISP with small dhcp lease time.
35) Kernel code cleanup.
36) Add more values to enum ip_conntrack_info.
37) Small fix in Software Fastnat.
38) libupnp move to /lib dir from wscd.
39) libupnp Update to 1.6.13 version.
40) wscd now use new libupnp.
41) USB-IPV6 images now use samba3.
42) Remove USB without IPv6 images.
43) Fix work iptv with DMZ enabled.
44) Sysctl fix tune kernel for 16Mb, torrent enable or samba mode.
45) Kernel nvram fix rebuild config part if crc is bad.
46) Some critical netfilter fixes backported.
47) Fix auto kernel network tune with hw_nat enabled.
48) Hardware vlan offload must be enabled only if hw_nat and double tag disabled.
49) If raeth build in static mode - move hw_nat hook to driver ode from external stub.
50) Raeth: spin_lock_init must be after ether_setup. This may be crash system at reinit raeth.
51) Now use ethtool for configure port speed and duplex (more portable and safe).
52) Remove fs cleanall. Use fs fullreset instead. For details enter fs without param.
53) Move high level switch configure to independed helper script config-switch.sh.
54) Workaround for non correct port speed select in new SDK driver.
55) Add snmpd daemon.
56) Add KLogd, SysLogd and RemoteSysLogIP variables.
57) Dnsmasq update to 2.59 version.
58) Enable snmp wifi drivers options.
59) More clean updates.
60) Fix update firmware with usb storage configured.
61) Remove some BKL.

1) Add l2tp vpn server init logic.
2) Add detailed link statistic in wireless AP mode.
3) Fix table size and webui.
4) Small fixes in network init, dhcpc, iptables logic.
5) Update usb-modeswitch to 1.2.0 version.
6) Add and use nvram_buf_get commad for fast get group nvram variable.
7) libevent update to 2.0.15 stable version.
8) Update 802.1x daemon from SDK.
9) Init scripts optimize for decrease restart overhead and speedup.
10) Add new runlevel W* for exclude web_wait services from boot init thread.
11) Fix restart transmission at new disk mount.
12) Add iptables rules for transmission.
13) Disable NAND Flash support per default. Not used NAND Flash in real routers devices. Use only in STB.
14) WiFi drivers disable ATE mode support, disable some debug messages, disable IAPP support(need external daemon for support).
15) Fix wireless security page.
16) Add PrinterSrvEnabled PrinterSrvBidir variables for configure print server.
17) Set low prio for samba and transmission.
18) PPPD add external_chap_sec options for use /etc/ppp-l2tpsrv/chap-secrets instad /etc/ppp/chap-secrets in server mode.
19) Fix l2tp server autentification.
20) Set minunit for l2tp server mode to 10 (need hole).
21) Fix lld2d wireless parametrs get for ralink and no need always open /proc/net/dev.
22) Add boot_leds_blink variable for configure boot time led indicators gpio (default 13 14).
23) Goahead code cleanup and If-Modified-Support enabled.
24) Busybox bump version to 1.19.3.
25) Add l2tp server WebUI.
26) Add some params in WebUI and rework some options.
27) Fix pppoe+dhcp start regression.
28) Add code for more correct mount usb disks procedure.
29) Small rewrites in start logic.
30) If optware mount search apps first in /opt/(s)bin.
31) Transmission update to 2.42 version.
32) Samba2 fix LFS support in client and mount.
33) Create /dev/console move in kernel mode.
34) PPTP/L2TP clients try resolv server IP some times.
35) Always create /tmp/vpnip. Fix if server string = IP (centrlan and others buggy ISP).
36) Fix build mksquash_lzma in some ditributions.
37) Before update firmware umount ALL external FS include cifs/nfs and others.
38) Add RemoteManagementPort variable for set goahead port(default 80).
39) Remove auto_swap variable. Always try find and ON swap particion.
40) In PurePPPOE mode zcip use /32 netmask instead /16 for prevent create route to localnet.
41) Generate more correct and secure config for upnp/igmpproxy.
42) Radvd up to 1.8.3 version.
43) Fix iptables rules for compat with new iptables syntaxis.
44) Consolidate some hardcoded networks to two constant.
45) Prevent send pkts from mcast net to miniupnp/dmz rules if igmpproxy/udpxy enabled (decrease cpu utilization).
46) Disable igmpproxy use igmpsnooping for lan if tv_port enabled (prevent switch reconfigure).
47) Fix igmpsnooping force enable/disable fix.
48) Igmpproxy automatic check esw exist.
49) Rework boot SPI hack.
50) Some webui fixes (syslog, web server port, l2tp server).
51) Rework resolv.conf generate in some modes.
52) Fix some checks in iptables script.
53) Fix dst.expires in route subsystem.
54) Copy /etc/web/html and /etc/web/cgi-bin at boot if exist. Need for user html pages and cgi-scripts support. Accessseble over http:/// and http:///cgi-bin/.
55) Shaper script extract to some helpers config-qos-* in /etc.scrips.
56) Add udp lite disable network code hack for speedup.
57) Decrease udp hash table size for speedup and memsave(128->64).
58) Cdpsend not more use libnet.
59) Dropbear up to 2011.54 Tuesday 8 November 2011 version.

1) More iptables match code speedup(~2% cpu at 100 match ruleset save).
2) Fix regression sta mode driver configure.
3) Add store_ttl and store_ttl_mcast variable for add netfilter rules for increase input TTL for all/mcast.
4) Miniupnpd update to 1.6.20111118 version.
5) Update libupnp to 1.6.14 version.
6) Drop fastpath dependency to conntrack compat.
7) Rework network debug code.
8) Smal fixes in conntrack flush/configure.
9) Fix bridge procfs forward control.
10) Bridge code cleanup and fix duplicate pkt send.
11) Fix reserved memory size for large mem devices.
12) Add mss_use_pmtu variable enable/disable use pmtu discovery for correct tcp header tranzit packets.
13) Disable syn cookies support. This need more backports for enable by default.
14) Add net memory reservation in network stack.
15) Protect deadlock in network code.
16) Slab use rankin for memory allocation line.
17) Add different optimization for userspace/libs for save mem/flash sizes or speedup apps.
18) Add fs drop_caches command for drop blockdevices caches and buffers for free memory.
19) Remove web pages from tmpfs before firmware burn to flash.
20) Add more checks update image before write to flash.
21) Fix reboot after upgrade firmware in some situations.
22) Full udplite disable if CONFIG_UDP_LITE_DISABLE defined.
23) Fix l2tp client manual restart.
24) More correct conntrack flush table.
25) Update libevent to 2.0.16 version.
26) Update udpxy to 21v by 25.11.2011.
27) Add pselect and posyx malloc to uClibc(need for new udpxy).

1) Update toolchain (sync with uClibc in distro).
2) Some sack processing fix.
3) Small netfilter fixup by upstream.
4) Netfiler mark_source_chains speedup for complex chains.
5) Add IPv6_Enable nvram variable(default disable).
6) Checkconfig and preconfig procedure optimization.
7) Some init.d code refactoring for more readable.
8) Txqueuelen now depend at memsize and qos mode (for save mem).
9) Fix change web remote managment port from web.
10) Cleanup ethetnet converter add profile code.
11) Init.d fix some codestyle issue.
12) Add VPN rx/tx status LED support(default alias GREEN_WPS_LED).
13) Fix set regdomain.
14) Disable nat loopback in webui per default.
15) More correct down wifi interfaces at modules reload and firmware update.
16) Consolidate some code in init.d.
17) Backport tcp: drop SYN+FIN messages fixes from 3.x.x kernel.
18) Decrease SQUASHFS_FRAGMENT_CACHE_SIZE from 4 to 1 for save memory(no more need big cache).
19) Timezone fixup.
20) Fix image size check in flash padded mode.
21) Fix kernel Kconfig files for RT3352/RT5350 SoCs.
22) Small update defaults.
23) Header cpu-feature-overrides.h update for corect ralink cpus support.
24) Init.d Start base support exernal switch plugged to GMAC2. See Asus RT-N56U.
25) Rewrite switch,lan,br configure logic for more device independed version.
26) Fix connect to STA at boot if profile not full.
27) Uboot add recovery mode at RESET button pressed (send wive.bin image to from by tftp client).
28) Small fix use socket in pppol2tp plugin.
29) Small cleanup pppd-pppoe plugin.
30) Fix parse wifi sta profile without any encrypt configured.
31) Fix PWS mode set by default and generate rf config.
32) Add boot_update.sh for automatic boot update from internet(only RT3052 with NOR flash and >=32Mb mem in 32bit mode support).
33) Some backports to skb susystem.
34) Fix prefetch uses in kernel code.
35) Fix conntrack path for inbound local svc packets with hw_nat.
36) Optimize skip some protocols in sw/hw nat offloads.
37) Fix init wan_dev/wan_ppp and parse SNAT/MASQ in kernel iptables code.
38) Fix cone nat for external switch devices.
39) Fix some wireless defaults for all devices(more compat with some STA).
40) Small wifi webUI cleanup.
41) Script fs rewrite to use mtd_write instead dd.
41) Update pptp kernel module.
42) VPN pptp/l2tp drivers now use spinlock instead write_lock_bh(speedup).
43) Check for ip vpn server variable before resolve.
44) Fix raeth rx_buff size calculation.
45) Wireless tools now build as dynamic linked (free some space in fash).
46) Do not install hw_nat ac/acl/mtr by default (save flash space).
47) Do not install pppd chat script interpreter ib 4Mb without usb images.
48) Remove iwconfig no more used. Use iwpriv always instead (save flash space).
49) Fix WebUI js compat with IE.
50) Add dmsamsq support try next server instead try recursive.
51) Update supported device lists or usb cdc-acm and option drivers.
52) L2TP client fix work with some strange ISPs.
53) Update udpxy to 1.0.21-2-prod version.
54) Full lan igmp snooping esw support(no more multicast flood for all lans).
55) Decrease noisly debug in vlans support code.
56) Refactoring some init.d code and cleanup.
57) Udhcpc script add check wanip in local subnet and log it.
58) Rewrite vpn deadloop fixup code.
59) Rewrite connect to AP logic. More correct.
60) Fix igmpsnooping work at wan_port=0.

1) Add Nat Mode select variable nat_mode=0/1/2(Linux/Fcone/Rcone, default 1).
2) Do not restart dnsmasq if started. Use HUP signal in non-polling mode for resolv and hosts reload.
3) Hack for some ISPs checked client alive by arping.
4) Fix export profile variables. Need for compat with some terms.
5) Some backports kernel patches from upstream(net core/tcpv4/tcpv6).
6) Some corrections log print for some scripts.
7) Fix pinger work.
8) Tune restart vpn helper in static/zeroconf/and pure pppoe modes(no need restarts in some situation).
9) Igmpsnooping fix leave and alive procedure for ESW.
10) Some times wait for try allocate mem before reboot instead panic.
11) Fix igmp kernel module regression.
12) Fix switch NAT mode.
13) Now if dhcpSwReset is set restart only WAN port instead full switch reinit.
14) Add support external wins server get from dhcp and correct samba config for registration.
15) Some times wait for try allocate mem before reboot instead panic.
16) Some fixes in build system.
17) Fix select auth protocol in vpn.
18) Gcc flags cleanup.
19) Some unicode patches.
20) Fix get login/pasword variables (not use eval).
21) Cleanup pptp plugin.
22) Fix padding in raeth.
23) Fix lock in bridge fdb_clean code.
24) Fix ra_nat hook in wifi derivers.
25) Fix drop counter in raeth driver.
26) Fix drop counter at no padded pakets.
27) BH already disabled in br_fdb_cleanup().
28) update usb-modeswitch to 1.2.2 version.
29) Cosmetics ra_sw_nat_hook_tx fix in wifi drivers.
30) miniupnpd up to 1.6.20120121 version.
31) upnp: fix uuid/model generate.
32) SPI/NAND Fix restore firmware from emerge mode in uboot.
33) Build lib fixup.
34) ntfs-3g support cleanup and build more optimized.
35) Igmpproxy ignore non-primary addresses on upstream VIF, fix work on dhcp mode.
36) Update usb_modeswitch and devicelist (1.2.3 version and data 2012-01-20).
37) Backport fork fixes.
38) Add make checks in buildtree.
39) Add xupnpd r287.
40) Apply post 0.9.28 uclibc patches and reconfigure uclibc for more compat with new apps.
41) Fix work samba/wins with windowsxp KB2536276 update.
42) Update tunnels support in kernel.
43) Update zlib to 1.2.6 version.
44) Add service status in webui.
45) Fix buffer overflow in nvram driver/lib.
46) Up miniupnpd to 1.6.20120121 version.
47) busybox bump version 1.19.4.
48) Fix wrong order of ip_rt_get_source() and update iph->daddr.
49) Fix work usb_modemswitch.
50) Update toolchain and rebuild with dynamic runtime.
51) Fix copy runtime lib from toolchain if toolchain configured as dynamic linked runtime.
52) Fix librt install in romfs.
53) Arp, neigh subsystems fixup.
54) Reapply allow lost netmask patch to miniupnpd.

1) Update xupnpd to r292.
2) Small rewrite kernel autotune logic.
3) Fix radvd start only if ipv6 support enabled.
4) Fix LCP params get in pppoe helper.
5) Update libevent to 2.0.17 stable.
6) Update libupnp to 1.6.15 version.
7) Update radvd to 1.8.5 version.
8) Update transmission to 2.50 version.
9) Raeth fix memleak of pppoe send packet to ppe.
10) HW_NAT check types packets before process.
11) HW_NAT do not touch foe table before check pkt.
12) Consolidate pppd options to one file.
13) Enable ATE+QA+DBG in wifi ap driver per default (need for test on fabric).
14) Enable telnet support and allow connect from lan per default (need for test on fabric).
13) HW_NAT code cleanup and use hw_nat minimal (disable unused functions).
14) HW_NAT disable use ppe2set user priority for 3052MP2 chips (this is upstream bug).
15) Reduce arp latency.
16) PPPOE plugin set dev name only once.
17) Update l2tp pppd plugin to 1.8 version from openl2tp project.
18) Update dropbear to 2012.55 version.
19) Fixes in pppoe/ppp/arp/neigh kernel code.
20) Disable some unused debug.
21) Fix new transmission work.
22) WiFi drivers use native functions for check mcast/bcast mac adress.
23) Fix socket memory allocations.
24) Small update toolchain.
25) Update miniupnpd to 1.6.20120305 version.
26) Small fix in kernel tcp/bridge.

1) Disable zebra. Need replace to quagga in future.
2) nf_conntrack: fix early_drop with reliable event.
3) hw_nat: prevent trunclated packets process to PPE. And small conntrack optimize.
4) Fix lo ip configure.
5) Backport some mips arch depended code from upstream.
6) Update dnsmasq to 2.60 version.
7) WebUI read VPN iface name from /tmp/vpn_if_name instead static ppp0 (If file not exist - use ppp0 per default).
8) WebUi corrects ifnames for WAN/LAN/PPP.
9) Small mm optimize.
10) Small net fixes backport.
11) WebUI not build wsc support if WSC daemon disabled.
12) Fix pmtu discovery probe (re add lost patch).
13) Update xupnpd to r295 version.
14) Revert incorrect accept queue backlog changes.
15) Add some videoturbine parametrs to default nvram base.
16) Some fixes in af_unix.
17) Openssl up to 0.9.8u (12.03.2012) version.

1) Update xupnpd to r302 version.
2) Fastnat more native functions use instead hardcoded blocks.
3) Update miniupnpd to 1.6.20120320 version.
4) Temporary back to 4.4.7 gcc in toolchain.
5) xl2tpd now support new l2tp kernel module introduced in 2.6.32.
6) Update l2tp kernel module(speedup).
7) Make kernel sockopts compat with upstream.
8) Fix mschap-v2 only mode for all ppp based tunnels.
9) Some kernel fixes and code for support RT3883 merge with N56U project.
10) Some backport in kernel mm/vfs/network subsystems.
11) New STA profiles code support.
12) WiFi igmpsnooping code must be compatable with MacOS client.
13) PPPOE plugin ignore broadcasted PADO-packets.
14) More fixes for not 305x systems(wait new SDK for full compat).
15) Build system cleanup and some rewrites.
16) Fix calculate tcp_mem instead of all memory.
17) Speedup kernel ppp (don't stop and restart queue on every TX packet).
18) Fix regression in skb subsystem introduced in 2.3.0 version.
19) Revert some netvm resource preallocate code(this break some slab logic).
20) Update miniupnpd to 1.6.20120406 version.
21) Samba 3.3.16 fix CVE-2012-1182("root" credential remote code execution).
22) Update hw_nat code.
23) HW_NAT disable mcast/bcast process in PPE.
24) HW_NAT fix gre track in PPE.
25) Update transmission to 2.51 version.
26) Fix cpu based ppp policer work with new l2tp driver.
27) libupnp up to 1.6.17 version.
28) Fix check cork.rt regression in ip_output.
29) Netfilter use hardware checksumming when possible.
30) HW_NAT use 215 devnode for /dev/hwnat0 (220 used by rdm).

1) Update libcurl to 7.25.0 version.
2) Update libevent to 2.0.18 version.
3) BCM_NAT optimize and fix offload ready checks.
4) Small CONE NAT optimization.
5) Netfilter optimization and fixes.
6) Remove some pointless conditionals before kfree_skb().
7) Fix vfs sendfile regression.
8) Fix race condition with queue start/stop regression in ppp_generic.
9) Back to pre-gcc-4.4 behaviour of .eh_frame for mips.
10) Update miniupnpd to 1.6.20120420 version.
11) Rework some code in xl2tpd.
12) Update openssl to 0.9.8v version.
13) Chpasswd: use md5 by default.

1) Update busybox to 1.20.0 version.
2) Fix icmp conntrack work.
3) Fix bridge fastpath traffic allow offloaded with PPE.
4) Netfilter rework some init/destroy code.
5) Disable APSD (WMM PowerSave) by default.
6) Add PPE wifi offload support (enabled by default).
7) Update openssl to 0.9.8w. version.
8) Update miniupnpd to 1.6.20120502 version.
9) HW_NAT now work with wifi traffic.
10) HW_NAT increase foe table size to 16k.
11) Vlan subsystem small fixes.
12) Move to Lumpy Reclaim algoritm in mm.
13) Cleanup and fix oom_kill logic.
14) Kernel libs some up.
15) Update dnsmasq to 2.61 version.
16) ApCli mode now work (client bridge or client - AP modes).
17) Fix DFS support and enable by default.
18) Fix Channle auto select logic.
19) ReEnable ripd (zebra) support.
20) Add web2ramfs variable (default 0 - not copy web pages to ramfs).
21) Fix memory allocation in small system issue.
22) Fix slub allocator work.
23) Fix ApCli webui.
24) Rename operation modes for more human readable.
25) TCP implementation more RFC compatable.
26) Kernel improve ipv6 support.
27) Fix webui autochannel select.
28) Remove some init.d sysctl tune logic (use kernel mode preselect params).
29) HW_NAT Foe table decrease to 4K (not more need for home and more stable).
30) Fix conntrack hash table/route hashtable configure in kernel.
31) Fix sysfs module registration regression.
32) Fix delay oom work with panic on oom enabled.
33) Fix bad oom call in some situations.
34) Uboot more correct RTL8367 esw support.
35) Add check and upload printer firmware from /opt/etc/prnfw.dl.
36) Fix ip fragmentation regression introdused in 2.5.0.
37) Fix race in wan/vlan configure.
38) Fix loop in route in deconfig state.
39) Support hw preconfig for RT3883 dual mac esw.
40) Fix race in addrconf ipv6.
41) Add drivers for RT3883 dual band wifi and RT3090 2.4GHz pci-e module.
42) libnvram not more use read nic conf before gen_wifi config. Use settings from nvram.
43) Fix not need add separator for some mbssid value if bssidnum<=1.
44) miniupnpd update to 1.6.20120509 version.
45) xupnpd up to 303 svn revision.
46) Add rtl8367m switch control utility.
47) Fix 5GHz WebUi and only 5GHz mode.
48) Add configure RT8637 switch from webui.
49) Update openssl to 0.9.8x version.
50) Disable hardware nat offload per default(expermental opton).
51) Reconfigure PPE for RT3662/RT3883 devices.
52) Add kernel option for disable tx timeout in raeth code(no need this logic).
53) Fix printserver webui page.
54) Disable packet recive/transmit before init/reinit(protect raeth code).
55) Add usb led blink at device activity(rt3662/rt3883).
56) Add wan rx/tx led indicator by gpio(rt3662/rt3882 with dual phy configuration).
57) Fix work jumbo frames with RTL8367 external swicth.
58) Raeth rework logic filter oversized packets.
59) Update transmission to 2.52 version.

1) Migrate to v4.0.1.0 SDK.
2) Replace old hw_nat module v0.92 to v2.01.
3) Update raeth driver from new sdk.
4) Update RT3x52 driver from new sdk.
5) Backport usbnet patches from upstream(need for Android/LTE devices support).
6) Update wireless drivers for RT3x5x to version.
7) Update wireless drivers for RT3662/3883 to version.
8) Fix nvram overflow.
9) Support one phy RTL8367 mode(full support in uboot/kernel/userspace).
10) Add support usb modem webui.
11) Add rebuild dst_if table in hw_nat by one or more ifaces up.
12) Fix igmp_snooping init logic.
13) Fix hw_nat reentry logic.
14) Add usbnet hw_nat offload.
15) Skbuff fix pskb_expand corrupt hw_nat flags.
16) RT3883 5GHz driver move to driver( buggy).
17) RT305x move to driver( reenable in future).
18) Up busybox to 1.20.1 version.
19) Update miniupnpd to 1.7 version.
20) HW_NAT: rework traffic filter code.
21) Increase RWFS size to 3_blocks(192kb).
22) Disable zebra for free flash.
23) Xupnpd updated to revision 306.
24) Update usb-modeswitch-data package to 2012-05-31.
25) HW_NAT: skip transit and ufo packet detag.
26) HW_NAT: dst port must be check before detag processing.
27) HW_NAT: drop UFO packet in LAN path.
28) HW_NAT: In PpeSetForcePortInfo add lost check skb->dev not null before DstPort[DP_PCI].
29) RAETH: Remove old ugly workarounds for oversized packets.
30) Update dnsmasq to 2.62 version.
31) WiFi drivers: fixed out of range bug, disabled unused support 16 beacons with ShareMem context switch.
32) Apply post 1.20.1 busybox patches.
33) USB: fix detect some devices at boot.
34) NET: fix skb_allocate and headroom size calculation in some cases.
35) NATFastpath: Fix work with devices used headroom = 0(tun, tap, gre, etc...).
36) BRIDGE: fix br_handle_frame processing for host pkts and allow forwarding some link local frames.
37) TCP: reduce out_of_order memory use and speedup.
38) SK_FILTER: make sure filters dont read uninitialized memory and speedup.
39) INIT: Fix transmission restart after reboot.
40) INIT: Don`t rouch apcli mac from userspace.
41) WebUi: cleanup and cosmetic fixes in Modem/Usb pages.
42) WiFi drivers: Add mac correction for apcli and mbssid mode.
43) WiFi: Set MAC only once on driver load by module param.

1) LAN: Fix one phy mode in RTL8367M.
2) Reenable forward for paranoid users (after renew).
3) Fix infinitive loop in xl2tpd.
4) Update busybox to 1.20.2.
5) PPTP: Accept packet with seq zero.
6) XUPNPD: Updated to revision 308.
7) HW_NAT: Fix PPPoE offload (RT3883 with 2xGMAC mode).
8) Update transmission to 2.60 version.
9) xl2tpd: fix incoming ZLB after call closed, disable TRUST_PPPD_TO_DIE.
10) pppd: sync with upstream patches (2012-05-20).
11) WiFi drivers: fix multicast packet delivery to clients in PSM mode (casual ping delay issue).
12) SKB: Temp set skb_pad to 16.
13) Add check wan ip adress get to udpxy/xupnpd init scripts.
14) Fix calculate hdrlen in current kernel.
15) Revert skbpad to 80.
16) Fix hw_nat+pptp+mppe issue.
17) Avoid TX skb reallocation and speed-up TX path.
18) If modemenabled need add mgmt rules in iptables to.
19) xl2tpd: fix defaults for bps speed and mandotary.
20) udpxy: up to 1.0.23-0-prod version.
21) xupnpd: up to revision 310.
22) miniupnpd: up to 1.7.20120711 version.
23) add libnfnetlink lib need for new miniupnpd.

1) some webui fixes (transmission/ftp).
2) fix iptables logic for ftp port change support.
3) fix detect some usb devices.
4) fix iptables rules reapply at connect/disconnect 3G modem.
5) fix autocommect in 3g mode.
6) dnsmasq up to 2.63 version.
7) xunpd up to revision 312.
8) Add usb modem connection status.
9) usb_modeswitch: up to 1.2.4 version and data files to 2012-08-15 version.
10) miniupnpd: update to 1.7.20120824 version.
11) libnatpmp: update to 20120821 version.
12) xupnpd: up to Updated to revision 313.
13) add basic qos webui support.
14) fix iptbales support ipv6.
15) add support 6RD in kernel and fix sit.
16) RT3052 driver fix check igmpsnoop clients in group.
17) Add xt_time support in kernel.
18) Fix mbssid with igmpsnooping work.
19) Fix cone nat work with SNAT mode.
20) Fix skip hw_nat processing for webstr match.
21) Update xupnpd to 317 revision.

1) Rework high cpu policer in ppp.
2) miniupnpd: update to 1.8.20130207 version.
3) xupnp: update to revision 327.
4) busybox: sync with current stable patchsets.
5) webui: more fixes and functions fix.
6) dnsmasq: up to 2.65 version.
7) xupnpd: up to v1.02 (revision 375).
8) webui: fix route managment.
9) igmpproxy: Support multiple multicast sources.
10) ppp: tune lcp adaptive logic.
11) xl2tpd: code up to git version (Jan 11, 2013).
12) busybox: up to 1.21.0. version.
13) apply busybox-1.21.0-mdev.patch.

1) kernel: arp: allow to invalidate specific ARP entries.
2) kernel: timers: Fix endless looping between cascade() and internal_add_timer().
3) kernel: MIPS: use no-branch-likely compile option.
4) kernel: MIPS: Fix harmlessly missing else statement.
5) kernel: tcp: frto should not set snd_cwnd to 0.
6) iptables: add lost rule for 1900 udp port accept in upnp path.
7) xupnpd: up to v1.03 revision 381.
9) iptables: limit acces to 1900 udp port (upnp) only from lan.
10) kernel: arp: fix possible crash in arp_rcv().
11) libevent: update to 2.0.21 stable version.
12) kernel: netfilter: nf_conntrack: IPS_UNTRACKED bit(speedup).
13) kernel: softirq: reduce latencies.

1) kernel: fix reconfigure dstif table in hw_nat module at down if to and in raX status.
2) kernel: Rework hack by message leak network device if refcount is positive, do not stop work.
3) kernel: Fix the prototype of call_netdevice_notifiers.
4) kernel: netfilter: fix conntrack cache memory allocate.
5) kernel: netfilter: xt_tcpudp: fix wrong struct in udp_checkentry.
6) kernel: ipv6: use appropriate sock tclass setting for routing lookup.
7) kernel: ipv6: fix CoA check in RH2 input handler (mip6_rthdr_input()).
8) kernel: ipv6: optimize inet6_hash_frag().
9) kernel: ipv6: don't purge default router if accept_ra=2.
10) kernel: ipv6: reorder struct inet6_ifaddr to remove padding on 64 bit builds.
11) kernel: ipv6: tcp: fix panic in SYN processing.
12) kernel: tcp: fix double-counted receiver RTT when leaving receiver fast path.
13) kernel: tcp: do_tcp_sendpages() must try to push data out on oom conditions.
14) kernel: tcp: tcp_prequeue() cleanup and up.
15) kernel: tcp: fix a size_t < 0 comparison in tcp_read_sock.
16) kernel: tcp: splice: fix an infinite loop in tcp_read_sock().
17) kernel: tcp: change default tcp hash size.
18) kernel: tcp: Fix inconsistency source (CA_Open only when !tcp_left_out(tp)).
19) kernel: tcp: Tighten tcp_sock's belt, drop left_out.
20) kernel: tcp: Add tcp_left_out(tp) back to get cleaner looking lines.
21) kernel: tcp: Restore over-zealous tcp_sync_left_out-like removals.
22) kernel: tcp: Left out sync->verify (the new meaning of it) & definify.
23) kernel: tcp: Improve ipv4 established hash function.
24) kernel: tcp: Make prior_ssthresh a u32.
25) kernel: udp: Fix bogus UFO packet generation.
26) kernel: net: guard tcp_set_keepalive() to tcp sockets.
27) kernel: net: add and use skb_unclone() helper function.
28) kernel: net: increase receive packet quantum.
29) kernel: net: reduce net_rx_action() latency to 2 HZ.
30) kernel: net: hash: reorder the tests about inet_ehash_secret generation (once only).
31) kernel: hash: update hash_32/64 functions.
32) kernel: hw_nat: fix udp offload issue in some hardware RT305x chip revisions.
33) kernel: hw_nat: fix confusion wan/lan some pkts.
34) kernel: hw_nat: fast clear FoE Info (magic_tag,entry_num) in _alloc_skb.
35) kernel: backport mips optimized spinlocks and futex fixes.
36) kernel: inet: Remove unused sk_sndmsg_* from UFO.
37) kernel: sched: prevent exclusive waiter starvation.
38) kernel: mm: memmap_init_zone() performance improvement.
39) kernel: tcp_read_sock: Allow recv_actor() return return negative error value.
40) kernel: lib/string.c: fix strim() semantics for strings that have only blanks.
41) kernel: conntrack: add support RTSP ALG for.
42) kernel: genirq: updates from upstream.
43) kernel: net: more use sfhash instead jhash_*words.
44) ipv6: radvd: up to 1.9.2 version with drop libdaemon use (need for save flash free size).
45) ipv6: use radvdEnabled variable for enable ipv6 (instead IPv6_Enable variable).
46) ipv6: full work ipv6 over ipv4 (6to4) autoconfigure (as TTK ISP). For 8Mb Flash devices need radvd enable in GUI.
47) ipv6: more correct configure netfilter (some secure, need enchange in future).
48) ipv6: kernel make some needed ipv6 netfilter modules as static.
49) ipv6: export RDNS by radvd (first=local, second=google).
50) xl2tp: small fixups.
51) samba(3): decrease noise debug.
52) defaults: increase vpn cpuilimit to 4000.
53) defaults: enable wifi_hw_nat per default this is very old work stable.
54) init.d: always drop ipv4/6 adresses at reinit, not need check radvd enable/disable, chek only ipv6 compiled.
55) xunpdp: up to 1.03 rev382 version.
56) usb-modeswitch: update to 1.2.5 version.
57) usbmodem: move modems pairs config to /etc/modems.conf.
58) openssl: update to 0.9.8y version.
59) libupnp: update to 1.6.18 version.
60) libcurl: update to 7.29.0 version.
61) transmission: up to 2.77 version.
62) chillispot: fix build with new autoconf tool.
63) goahead: fix nat loopback logic if src port != dst port.
64) wireless_tool: use multicall binary (decrease code size).
65) build_system: add configure options for enable crazy minimize code size by gcc (save flash=speeddown).
66) build_system: rework for more acurate use gcc optimization options.
67) goahead: remove unused tftp alg from UI and add RTSP alg.
68) goahead: add stastus for radvd.
69) usb: add more modems support.

1) kernel: lib/int_sqrt.c: optimize square root algorithm.
2) kernel: net/ipv4: Timestamp option cannot overflow with prespecified addresses.
3) kernel: net/ipv4: Ensure that location of timestamp option is stored.
4) kernel: net/ipv6: Fail with appropriate error code when setting not-applicable sockopt.
5) kernel: net/ipv6: inet6_dev on loopback should be kept until namespace stop.
6) kernel: net/tcp: thin-stream detection.
7) kernel: net/tcp: tcp: fix race in tcp_poll.
8) kernel: net/udp: clean up UDP(Lite) receive checksum.
9) kernel: net: bridge_fastpath: fix and small optimize logic.
10) kernel: net: compact sk_stream_mem_schedule() code.
11) kernel: net: move some core sock setup into sk_prot_alloc.
12) kernel: net: check the length of the socket address passed to connect(2).
14) kernel: net: call uninit if necessary in register_netdevice.
15) kernel: net: release dst entry in dev_hard_start_xmit().
16) kernel: netfilter: nf_nat: place conntrack in source hash after SNAT is done.
17) kernel: netfilter: nf_nat: don't check if the tuple is unique when there is not any other choice.
18) kernel: netfilter: nf_nat_core: eliminate useless find_appropriate_src for IP_NAT_RANGE_PROTO_RANDOM.
19) kernel: netfilter: nf_nat: fix inverted logic for persistent NAT mappings.
20) kernel: netfilter: nf_conntrack_tcp: fix unaligned memory access in tcp_sack.
21) kenrel: netfilter: annotate xtables targets with const and remove casts.
22) kernel: netfilter: nf_nat: don't use atomic bit operation.
23) kernel: netfilter: nf_conntrack: remove an atomic bit operation.
24) kernel: mips: Use CONFIG_CPU_MIPSR2 in csum_partial.S.
25) kernel: mips: Redefine value of BRK_BUG.
26) kernel: mips: dsp: Fix DSP mask for registers.
27) kernel: mips: make __{,n,u}delay declarations match definitions and generic delay.h
28) kernel: mips: handle I-cache coherency in flush_cache_range().
29) kernel: pppoe: return ENOTTY on unknown ioctl requests.
30) kernel: mips: dsp: Add assembler support for DSP ASEs.
31) kernel: ip_options_compile: properly handle unaligned pointer.
32) kernel: rt309x driver up to version.
33) kernel: rt3883/3662 driver up to version.
34) kernel: rt305x: wifi driver fix IPv6 DAD issue.
35) kernel: hw_nat: disable extended debug.
36) kernel: ip: remove old not needed hack for - remark all forward packets (~3% speedup).
37) kernel: ip: fix mc_loop checks for tunnels with multicast outer addresses.
38) kernel: usb: serial: add more support serial devies and modems support.
39) kernel: configs: disable NET_CLS_ACT - ~10% speedup network operation without hw_nat.
40) kernel: configs: disable unused netsched modules - save flash.
41) init.d: rework second wlan module support and small fixes.
42) init.d: use different mac adresses for ra/rai radio modules.
43) init.d: dnsmasq: use ddns_name=dmzip in hosts if dmz and ddns enable, instead allways use wap_ip.
44) init.d: move wscd init script to user/wscd/init.d - wscd not used in production builds(not security).
45) init.d: refactoring wlan interfaces managment code - cleanup/unify.
46) init.d: in bridge and apcli mode need reconfigure switch always after reconfig device(workaround in some chips).
47) init.d: fix disable AP interface in apcli mode.
48) init.d: fix MIMO PowerSave mode enable/disable.
49) init.d: rework stop/restart vpn logic (consolidate and cleanup).
50) init.d: clear all connection in conntrack and route cache before and after vpn kill/down.
51) init.d: if L2TP server not enabled - must force kill all pppd processes.
52) init.d: xupnpd store feeds only in ram - not real rwfs.
53) init.d: tune logic timeouts.
54) init.d: make optional udpxy and lld2t.
55) init.d: drop support 16Mb RAM devies.
56) build_system: temp set test only in archive name.
57) build_system: consolidate init scripts for optional apps to one dir for easy edit runlevels.
58) build_system: now all builds support ipv6 (6to4 autoconfig mode).
59) configs: enable apcli/wds for all chips.
60) defaults: more compat with bcm/realtek devices.
61) goahead: remove very old dead code.
62) igmpproxy: some fixups.

1) goahead: fix wifi igmpsnoop independed set.
2) dropbear: version up to 2013.56.
3) radvd: up to 1.9.3 version.
4) xupnpd: up to 1.03 rev 383 version.
5) toolchain: build script fix detect host gcc version and small cleanup.
6) toolchain: move to new 4.8.0 gcc (with disabled new loop optimization mode -fno-aggressive-loop-optimizations - fastnat issue).
7) configs: now kernel modules for 8Mb and 4Mb devices use one full optimization flags at build(speedup 4Mb devices).
8) configs: add more modem support automatization logic.
9) configs: disable snmpd and cdp support in 4Mb images.
10) init.d: radvd: use real_wan_if_ip for support 6to4 over ppp based tunnels.
11) init.d: iptables: consolidate v4/v6 rules in one script.
12) init.d: prevent hot replace routes - fix tunnel restart at renew issue (set RouteUpOnce=0 for old mode).
13) init.d: full config dhcp client logic move to wan script.
14) init.d: transmission: auto make home dir and check disc mount before start.
15) init.d: radvd: fix calculate mtu for sit/ipv6 ifaces (6to4 over ppp issue fix).
16) init.d: iptables: cleanup iptables rules. Remove drop target(allready dropped by default).
17) init.d: rework servies restart logic.
19) init.d: fix apcli mode auto reconnect.
19) init.d: split wait_connect and wifi_reconnect.
20) init.d: cleanup arp records in switch for prevent flood/deadloop with ic+ aplink/downlink switches.
21) init.d: transmission: add 10*10=100 seconds check media mount and exit if not mounted.
22) init.d: udpxy, increase client limits to 10(GI S8120 DVB receiver webtv plugin workaround).
23) init.d: set policer parametrs after click apply and connect (not more need reboot).
24) init.d: add ipv6_mode variable to onfigure mode ipv6 acces(6RD/6TO4/NATIVE, default 6TO4).
25) kernel: temp suspend some some patch for fix two 4.0.0 regression (dhcp not work with W_XP and not work route in ipv6).
26) kernel: mips: all mips32 processors support64-bit physical addresses.
27) kernel: fastnat small optimizations.
28) kernel: ipv4: tcp: preserve ACK clocking in TSO.
29) kernel: ipv4: Add a missing rcu_assign_pointer() in routing cache.
30) kernel: udp: Only increment counter on first peek/recv.
31) kernel: skbuff: fix calculate skb truesize in skb_alloc.
32) kernel: netpoll: fix netpoll_send_udp() bugs.
33) kernel: net: Move last_rx update into bonding recv logic.
34) kernel: ppp: remove unsupported protocols parse (IPX/APPLETALK/MPLS) decrease cpu usage.
35) kernel: ppp: small optimization for decrease cpu overhead.
36) kernel: conntrack: ipv4_conntrack_defrag: disable defrag if fastnat on (fragments allready gathered in nf_conntrack_in).
37) kernel: make kernel threads nonfreezable by default.
38) kernel: backport CFS cpu scheduller(this good news for l2tp/pptp users).
39) kernel: kthread: always create the kernel threads with normal priority.
40) kernel: sched: fix invalid sched_class use.
41) kernel: sched: don't rebalance if attached on NULL domain.
42) kernel: ppp_generic: fix cpu policer.
43) kernel: unix: fix a race condition in unix_release().
44) kernel: net: Fix race in dev_close().
45) kernel: net: fragment: add fast path for in-order fragments.
46) kernel: net: ipv4: fix path MTU discovery with connection tracking.
47) goahead: rework usb storage UI.
48) xl2tpd: import fixes from upstream git.
49) ralink_init: fix nvram_buf_get screening.

1) busybox: apply post 1.21.0 pathces.
2) miniupnpd: update to 1.8.20130503.
3) dnsmasq: up to 2.66 version.
4) dropbear: version up to 2013.58.
5) xupnpd: lua: up to 5.2.2 version.
6) uclibc: small update for compat with new userspace apps.
7) zlib: update to 1.2.7 version.
8) init.d: udpxy: tune options for compat with amlogic based tabs/players.
9) init.d: fix export variables for correct transmission home set.
10) init.d: udhcpc: replace default route if current iface not correct.
11) ppp: first try MSCHAP-V2 per auth.
12) libc: fix memleak and some updates.
13) buildsystem: add gc-sections flag for iproute2/udpxy/dnsmasq/usb_modeswitch (shrink image size).
14) kernel: mtd update.
15) kernel: fix gcc >= 4.6.x support.
16) kernel: hw_nat: fix lan<->lan binding.
17) kernel: hw_nat: fix usbnet offload.
18) kernel: arch: update from new sdk.
19) kernel: raeth: update driver to 3.0 version.
20) kernel: rt309x: update driver to version.
21) kernel: rt309x: allow video turbine support for all supported chips.
22) kernel: rt309x/rt3883/rt3662: disable IAPP per default.
23) kernel: rt309x: fix path name for procdir.
24) kernel: rt309x: fix wl_proc_init/exit call.
25) kernel: mips: sanitize restart logics.
26) kernel: pci: make pci_bus a struct device.
27) kenrel: pci: fix up error messages for pci_bus registering.
28) kernel: net: build_ehash_secret() and rt_bind_peer() cleanups.
29) kernel: net: add a prefetch in socket backlog processing.
30) kernel: net: fix locking in flush_backlog.
31) kernel: net: added ASSERT_RTNL() to dev_open() and dev_close().
32) kernel: net: sk_add_backlog() take rmem_alloc into account.
33) kernel: net: add a limit parameter to sk_add_backlog().
34) kernel: sock: keep sk_backlog near sk_lock.
35) kernel: sock: sk_stamp: should be initialized to ktime_set(-1L, 0).
36) kernel: tcp: tcp_tso_segment() small optimization.
37) kernel: ipv6: don't send packet to big messages to self.
38) kernel: ipv4: replace ip_fast_csum with csum_replace2 to save cpu cycles.
39) kernel: ipv4: fix byte value boundary check in do_ip_getsockopt().
40) kernel: af_unix: fix deadlock on connecting to shutdown socket.
41) kernel: af_unix: if we don't care about credentials coallesce all messages.
42) kernel: net/core: fix refcount leak hack.
43) kernel: net/core: fix potential null pointer dereferene(qdisc/br_fastpath).
44) kernel: conntrack: fix one way voice issue if SIP ALG enabled.
45) kernel: 8021q: fix vlan processing devices with HW accelerating.
46) kernel: net: sock_close() couldn't have been called with NULL inode since at least 2.1.early.
47) kernel: ipv4: make ip_send_check available for inline.
48) kernel: af_unix: fix a fatal race with bit fields.
49) kernel: mm: prevent mmap_cache race in find_vma().
50) kernel: mips: avoid overoptimization by GCC.
51) kernel: mips: Remove redundant instructions from arch_spin_{,try}lock.
52) kernel: mips: Remove further use of .subsection.
53) kernel: kfifo: updates from upstream.
54) kernel: shmem: fix division by zero.
55) kernel: eth: declare an optimized compare_ether_addr_64bits() function.
56) kernel: ipv6: don't accept node local multicast traffic from the wire.
57) kernel: net: IP_MULTICAST_IF setsockopt now recognizes struct mreq.
58) kernel: ipv6: Fix for adding multicast route for loopback device automatically.
59) kernel: inet6: prevent network storms caused by linux IPv6 routers.
60) kernel: net: ipv6 bind to device issue.
61) kernel: udp: fix udp short packet false positive.
62) dhcpc: if dhcp server not send DNS use google dns.
63) dhcpc: always add domain name to resolv.conf from DHCP/NVRAM.
64) kernel: ipv6: Add IFA_F_DADFAILED flag.
65) kernel: ipv6: Send netlink notification when DAD fails.

1) toolchain: update gcc to 4.8.1 version.
2) udpxy: up to 1.0.23-9 version (from udpxy.com).
3) udpxy: tune for correct stream HD to RTD1186D and GI decvies.
4) xupnpd: set subscribe ttl=60 (old 1800sec) for fix RTL media players unsubscribe issue.
5) busybox: sync with stable 1.21.0+ version.
6) miniupnpd: update to 1.8.20130607 version.
7) zlib: up version to 1.2.8.
8) libnvram: cleanup crc32 code and not build crc32 if kernel nvram enabled.
9) usb_modeswitch/data: up to 1.2.6-20130610 version.
10) xl2tpd: use adaptive retransmission interval.
11) pppd: workaround for negotiated bad peer addresses.
12) pppd: small fix adaptive lcp logic.
13) libcurl: up to 7.30.0 version.
14) libnfnetlink: version up to 1.0.1.
15) lld2d: decrease debug and fix regresssion (crash at reive request after load icon file).
16) lld2d: fix use ipv6.
17) init.d: resolv: add domain option at resolv generate to.
18) init.d: resolv: do not backup old resolv at static dns use.
19) init.d: automount.sh: at mount action say mount ok to log end exit.
20) init.d: udhcp: add workaround get dgw for some ISP.
21) init.d: add gateway.lo static dns record for lan ip and use this in xupnpd instead of ip (easy configure).
22) kernel: vlan: kill useless check.
23) kernel: ipv4: force_igmp_version ignored when a IGMPv3 query received.
24) kernel: ipv4: fix "ipOutNoRoutes" counter error for TCP and UDP.
25) kernel: ipv4: 16 slots in initial fib_info hash table.
26) kernel: net: kernel: fix use accurate skb truesize.
27) kernel: net: constify some ppp/pptp structs.
28) kernel: net: remove sk_init() helper.
29) kernel: net: sock: adapt SOCK_MIN_RCVBUF and SOCK_MIN_SNDBUF.
30) kernel: tcp: use TCP_DEFAULT_INIT_RCVWND in tcp_fixup_rcvbuf().
31) kernel: tcp: speedup tcp_fixup_rcvbuf().
32) kernel: tcp: fix ABC in tcp_slow_start().
33) kernel: tcp: skip empty hash buckets faster in /proc/net/tcp.
34) kernel: tcp: fix an infinite loop in tcp_slow_start().
35) kernel: tcp: make snd_cwnd_cnt and snd_cwnd_clamp 32-bit.
36) kernel: arp: send bcast ARP in neighbours to update arp tables only netdev status change.
37) kernel: bridge: fastpath + wifi nat offload always update fdb entry without any messages (this normal case).
38) kernel: bridge: prevent bridging wrong device.
39) kernel: bridge: avoid ethtool on non running interface.
40) kernel: bridge: respect RFC2863 operational state.
41) kernel: tun: use NET_SKB_PAD_ORIG for aligin instead of NET_SKB_PAD(fix regression after speedup l2tp hack).
42) kernel: usb: fix limited_power setting mistake in hub.c.
43) kernel: watchdog: move call watchdog from raeth to net/core/dev, for prevent reboot in big traffic at wifi to.
44) kernel: l2tp: fix PPP header erasure and memory leak.
45) kernel: l2tp: fix return value in pppol2tp_sendmsg.
46) kernel: pptp: pptp_rcv_core() misses pskb_may_pull() call.
47) kernel: pptp: fix skb leak in pptp_xmit.
48) kernel: pppoe: avoid reallocation skb.
49) kernel: arp: tune params to resolve arp entry timeout issue.
50) kernel: net/core: allow receive on active slaves.
51) kernel: net/core: allow certain receives on inactive slave.
52) kernel: net/core: uninline skb_bond().
53) kernel: mips: fix get_user_page_fast() for mips with cache alias.
54) kernel: net: sock: fix TCP_SKB_MIN_TRUESIZE.
55) shaper: tc: fix regression.

1) pppd: import upstream fixes from git (10.06.2013).
2) xl2tpd: import upstream fixes from git (17.06.2013).
3) init.d: dns suffix recived by dhcp must used as wan domain suffix.
4) init.d: radvd: tune config for correct support 6to4 mode.
5) init.d: radvd: fix ipv6 configure.
6) udhcpc: prevent replace PPPOE DNS from udhcp renew.
7) xupnpd: up to 1.03 rev 387 version.
8) goahead: fix remove routes in some situations.
9) miniupnpd: up to 1.8.20130730 version.
10) fs script: remove drop chaches command - not used.
11) lib: add libnl 1.1.4.
12) wireless tool: add iw tool.
13) pppd: add wins request support.
14) usb-modeswitch: up to 1.2.7 version and usb-modeswitch-data up to 20130807.
15) kernel: bridge_fastpath: small rework.
16) kernel: DIV_ROUND_UP cleanup.
17) kernel: skbuff: nf_conntrack_put_reasm: fix lost skb not NULL check.
18) kernel: fix return type of skb_checksum_complete().
19) kernel: nf_bridge: remove holes in struct nf_bridge_info.
20) kernel: net: ifdef struct sock::sk_async_wait_queue.
21) kernel: net: treat the sign of the result of skb_headroom() consistently.
22) kernel: bridge: fix race with topology change timer.
23) kernel: bridge: set priority of STP packets.
24) kernel: mips: compat: return same error ENOSYS as native for invalid operation.
25) kernel: rt305x: some backports and fix some issue (exemple MT6620 client compat).
26) kernel: rt3883: some backports and fix some issue (port from rt305x tree).
27) kernel: net: loopback: set default mtu to 64K.
28) kernel: sched: tune cfs param for more correct cpu planning.
29) kernel: ipv6: Change IPv6 unspecified destination address to ::1 for raw and un-connected sockets.
30) kernel: workqueue: backport fixes from upstream(for compat with new drivers code).
31) kernel: ipv6: netfilter: ip6table_mangle: don't reroute in LOCAL_IN.
32) kernel: genetlink: fix usage of NLM_F_EXCL or NLM_F_REPLACE.
33) kernel: netlink: ignore !NLM_F_REQUEST messages directly in netlink_run_queue().
34) kernel: netlink: ignore control messages directly in netlink_run_queue().
35) kernel: tcp: accept socket after TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT period.
36) kernel: ipv4: avoid a test in ip_rt_put().
37) kernel: icmpv6_filter: allow ICMPv6 messages with bodies < 4 bytes.
38) kernel: ipv6: don't disable interface if last ipv6 address is removed.
39) kernel: ipv4: Kill ip_rt_frag_needed().
40) kernel: ipv4: properly update pmtu.
41) kernel: ipv6: updates to privacy addresses per RFC 4941.
42) kernel: ipv6: do not leave router anycast address for /127 prefixes.
43) kenrel: ipv6: disable router anycast address for /127 prefixes.
44) kernel: bridge: Always flood broadcast packets.
45) kernel: ipv6: create temporary address if none exists.
46) kernel: ipv6: temp addresses are immediately deleted.
47) kernel: ipv6: preferred lifetime of address not getting updated.
48) kernel: ipv6: ignore route option with ROUTER_PREF_INVALID.
49) kernel: rt*** drivers: fix fallback 20/40 procedure.
50) kernel: conntrack: if module hw_nat loaded must full skip conntrack tcp_in_window function else restore full original logic.
51) kernel: netfilter: xt_TCPMSS: Fix violation of RFC879 in absence of MSS option.
52) kernel: hw_nat: extensions (acl/ac/mtr) disable by default(not used).
53) kernel: ipv6: cleanup: remove unneeded null check.
54) kernel: tcp: frto: remove unnecessary fackets/sacked_out recounting.
55) kernel: net: Remove 'unlikely' qualifier in skb_steal_sock().
56) kernel: ipv4: Remove IP_TOS setting privilege checks.
57) kernel: tcp: missing check ACK flag of received segment in FIN-WAIT-2 state.
58) kernel: rt3052: enable rssi feedback support.
59) kernel: rt3052: fix ajust power procedure.
60) kernel: ipv6: set skb->protocol on tcp, raw and ip6_append_data genereated skbs.
61) kernel: ipv6: remove csummode in ip6_append_data().
62) busybox: fix udhcp packet size logic.
63) busybox: udhcpc: more RFC(1542) compatable.
64) init.d: vpn: fix select auth type in pptp client mode.
65) init.d: wifi.sh: need recalibrate txpower after HiPower set(fix issue power select at RT3350).
66) usb_modeswitch: update to 2.0.1 version.
67) libusb: up to 1.0.15 version.
68) libcurl: up to 7.32.0 version.
69) rt_utils: allways agressive optimize for size(save flash space).
70) libnatpmp: update to 20130911 version.
71) kernel: net_sched: eliminate qdisc_tree_lock.
72) kernel: tcp: fix timestamp in syn packets issue with some OS.
73) kernel: raeth: link down ethernet switch port during kernel initial.
74) kernel: netfilter: nf_conntrack: TCP conntrack reopening fix.
75) rip: zeba replaced to quagga 0.99.22 version and enable for 8Mb devices.
76) kernel: netfilter: nf_conntrack: fix event flooding in GRE protocol tracker.
77) kernel: netfilter: nf_conntrack_reasm: properly handle packets fragmented into a single fragment.
78) kernel: align the skb_orig padding to power of two.
79) kernel: wifi_drivers: disable video turbine for test issue with rtl8188CU clients.
80) kernel: tcp: skip cwnd moderation in TCP_CA_Open in tcp_try_to_open.
81) kernel: hw_nat: mcast/bcast check optimization for RX path (hook_rx always called after eth_type_trans).
82) kernel: rt305x: backport auto tune B27-28 registers and HiPower workaround and support 3052 revB.
83) kernel: rt3883: backport default reg tables init.
84) kernel: optimize neigh_hh_output() for the common ethernet case.
85) kernel: ipv6: remove max_addresses check from ipv6_create_tempaddr.
86) kernel: netfilter: possible unaligned packet header in ip_route_me_harder.

1) libnvram: move some code to ralink_init daemon.
2) goahead: more use init.d instead direct call libnvram functions.
3) build system: gcc: fix small speed regression introdused in 4.6.x tree and not fixed in 4.8.x.
4) defaults: enable 802.11h support by default (need for some apple products).
5) defaults: use Linux Hybrid nat mode per default(~5% speedup for PPTP/L2TP).
6) libpcap: update to 1.4.0 version.
7) tcpdump: update to 1.4.0 vession.
8) uclibc: add getiffadrs support.
9) init.d: add force macs rebuild logic for prevent dupe mac after some wive clones install.
10) init.d: tune start/restart seq for more correct ipv6 support at init.
11) radvd: up to 1.9.5 version.
12) dnsmasq: up to 2.67 version.
13) build: allow build snmpd and quagga for 4Mb flash devices(after disable sta support).
14) init.d: add l2tp_srv_proxyarp nvram variable for enable proxyarp for vpn server.
15) toolhain: gcc update to 4.8.2 version.
16) dropbear: up to 2013.60 version.
17) webui: add wifi clients connection time and mode.
18) xupnpd: update xupnpd to 1.032 version (389 svn revision).
19) kernel: mips: reimplement get_cycles().
20) kernel: wifi_drivers: backport fixses from 2.7.x.x drivers.
21) kernel: tcp: fix dynamic right sizing.
22) kernel: udpv6: fix HW checksum support for outgoing UFO packets.
23) kernel: net: neighbour: use source address of last enqueued packet for solicitation.
24) kernel: wifi drivers fix regdomain parametrs for RU region.
25) kernel: ipv4: Elide use of rt->rt_dst in ip_forward().
26) kernel: ipv4: fix forwarding for strict source routes.
27) kernel: speedup network operation ~10% (use section move hack, decrease cpu usage in IPOE without HW_NAT from 70% to 57% at RT3052).
28) kernel: mips: replace -mlong-calls with -mno-long-calls to make function calls faster in kernel modules.
29) kernel: disable ralink sta drivers for 4Mb flash devices (need free flash for build more optimized modules), use apcli instead.
30) kernel: allow full optimization for kernel modules (after disable sta support).
31) kernel: fastnat: fix select packets logic allowed fastnat processing.
32) kernel: add fastroute path for offload conntrak sessions without nat.
33) kernel: rework and speedup logic for pass ppe/fastnat.
34) kernel: netfilter: Implement RFC 1123 for FTP conntrack.
35) kernel: netfilter: rtsp: fix test router support rtsp from stb failed.
36) kernel: fastnat: fix conntrack hash connections collisions.
37) kernel: fastpath: full skip not ipv4 traffic by software offload and filtering section.
38) kernel: net: gen_estimator deadlock fix.

1) build_system: add targets for rt3352+usb and rt5350 wo usb devices.
2) webUI: add statistic for second radio module in asus N56.
3) configs: disable green ap support ( driver fix reinit issue).
4) defaults: disable AP keepalive mechanism and decrease idle time (fix drop packets issue if rtl8723as connected).
5) defaults: enable ralink burst mode per default.
6) wifi: rt3352: use v11 adaptives for internal LNA.
7) libcurl: up to 7.33.0 version.
8) xl2tpd: sync with upstream Oct 25, 2013.
9) kernel: move to driver, support rt3xxx,rt5350,mt762x chips.
10) kernel: wifi driver fix GreenAP for RT3052/3350 and RT3883/3662.
11) kernel: netfilter: xt_tcpmss: get mtu only if clamp-mss-to-pmtu is specified.
12) kernel: netfilter: xt_tcpmss: drop newminmss argument of tcpmss_mangle_packet function.
13) kernel: tcp: don't check mtu probe completion in the loop.
14) kernel: tcp: mtuprobe: Cleanup send queue check (no need to loop).
15) kernel: icmpv6: treat dest unreachable codes 5 and 6 as EACCES, not EPROTO.
16) kernel: ipv6: allow the MTU of ipip6 tunnel to be set below 1280.
17) kernel: ipv6: Use 1280 as min MTU for ipv6 forwarding.
18) kernel: ipv6: update MSS even if MTU is unchanged.
19) kernel: ipv6: restore IPv6 when MTU is big enough.
20) kernel: ipv6: don't update ADVMSS on routes where the MTU is not also updated.
21) kernel: ipv6: ip6_fragment() should check CHECKSUM_PARTIAL.
22) kenrel: ipv6: ignore looped-back NA while dad is running.
23) kernel: ipv4 igmp: use in_dev_put in timer handlers instead of __in_dev_put.
24) kernel: ipv4: cap ADVMSS metric in the FIB rather than the routing cache.
25) kernel: inet: fix inet_bind_bucket_for_each.
26) kernel: tcp: Handle CHECKSUM_PARTIAL for SYNACK packets.
27) kernel: wifi_drivers: enable enchanged statistic for all devices.
28) kernel: wifi_drivers: disable draft3 extensions(unused).
29) kernel: fix potentional skb_under_panic oops in neigh_resolve_output.
30) kernel: netfilter: conntrack: check for NEXTHDR_NONE before header sanity checking.
31) kernel: udp: fix length check.
32) nvram: make iNIC (rt3090) config automatic from nvram with different parametrs WirelessModeINIC/ChannelINIC.
33) clean: remove very old unused nvram_daemon and userspace nvram mode from libnvram.
34) config: intrusion detection system (IDS) enable by default.
35) webui: add enable/disable intrusion detection system (IDS).

1) radvd: up to 1.9.7 version.
2) xupnpd: update xupnpd to 1.032 version (392 svn revision).
3) usb_modem: update usb-modeswitch-data package to 2013-11-13 version.
4) init.d: allow l2tp clients connect to local udpxy server.
5) init.d: allow send/recive multicast over vpn if proxyarp enable.
6) libusb/usb_modeswitch: back to 0.1.2/1.2.7 version with new database (need update future).
7) dnsmasq: up to 2.68 version.
8) dropbear: up to 2013.62 version.
9) xupnpd: update lua to 5.2.3 version.
10) miniupnpd: update to 1.8.20131216 version.
11) kernel: wifi driver: temp back to AP/STA driver for RT305x/RT3350.
12) kernel: wifi driver: fix power select in AP driver.
13) kernel: wifi driver: consolidate config options 2.5/2.7 drivers.
14) kernel: tcp: reset reordering est. selectively on timeout.
15) kernel: netfilter: nf_ct_h323: fix bug in rtcp natting.
16) kernel: tcp: undo on DSACK during recovery.
17) kernel: ipv4: Fix IP timestamp option (IPOPT_TS_PRESPEC) handling in ip_options_echo().
18) kenrel: af_unix: implement socket filter.
19) kernel: network: tcp_connect should return certain errors up the stack.
20) kernel: net: avoid race between network down and sysfs.
21) kernel: af_packet: check return of dev_set_promiscuity/allmulti.
22) kernel: net: Avoid copying writable clones in tunnel drivers.
23) kernel: ipv6: sit: Fix locking issues in PRL management.
24) kernel: ipv6: sit: Disallow in PRL and Flush PRL if given for DEL.
25) kernel: net: remove link_watch delay for up even when we're down.
26) kernel: net: link_watch: Always schedule urgent events.
27) kernel: net: zero length write() on socket should not simply return 0.
28) kernel: net: pppoe: Check packet length on all receive paths.
29) kernel: net: rework recvmsg handler msg_name and msg_namelen logic.
30) kernel: usb: add IAD support to usbfs and sysfs.
31) kernel: usb: add "descriptors" binary sysfs attribute.
32) kernel: ipv6: call udp_push_pending_frames when uncorking a socket with AF_INET pending data.
33) kernel: ipv6: fix leaking uninitialized port number of offender sockaddr.
34) kernel: ipv6: netfilter: move POSTROUTING invocation before fragmentation.
35) kernel: wifi_drivers: full disable apqload support.
36) kernel: inet: prevent leakage of uninitialized memory to user in recv syscalls.
37) kernel: ipv6 route: Fix route lifetime in netlink message.
38) kernel: ipv4: fix DO and PROBE pmtu mode regarding local fragmentation with UFO/CORK.
39) kernel: ipv4: remove extra argument from arp_ignore.
40) kernel: arp: fix arp reply when sender ip 0.

1) busybox: update to 1.22.0 version.
2) buxybox: fix lsusb work.
3) pppd: uptade to current 2.4.6-2Jan2014 version.
4) udpxy: add ts_demuxer support for more compat with some buggy players (wdtv/avatar3/some androids players).
5) udpxy: import last fixes from upstream git (github.com/pcherenkov/udpxy).
6) xl2tpd: check write return code on control socket (Jan 03, 2014 commit).
7) pppd: use different option files for l2tp server/client mode.
8) init.d: iptables: fix work l2tp server if pptp client started.
9) init.d: ssh: add RemoteSSHPort variable for select ssh port(need add in webui).
10) l2tp server ip-up: do not need restart iptables.
11) xl2tpd: update to 1.3.6 (Jan 15, 2014) version.
12) transmission: update to 2.82 version.
13) libupnp: update to 1.6.19.
14) radvd: update to 1.9.8 version.
15) ntfs-3g: up to 2013.1.13 version.
16) miniupnpd: update to 1.8.20140203 version.
17) ppp: policer: decrease max limit and increase range for down limit, set different limits for 3x50/3x52/3883 devices.
18) init.d: refactoring start dependency for more log boot process to sysylog/klog.
19) init.d: goahead: move call rescan usb for hutplug at end off load webui.
20) init.d: tune kernel by sysctl more early (after checkconf).
21) toolchain: binutils: update to 2.24.
22) kernel: ip6_tunnel: ensure to always have a link local address(RFC4862 and RFC4291 more compat).
23) kernel: fastroute: small speedup and more readable code.
24) kernel: fix lockup related to stop_machine being stuck in __do_softirq.
25) kernel: option: backport support modems from 3.13 kernel tree.
26) kernel: reenable gcc optimization due CPU arch.
27) kernel: driver core: make uevent-environment available in uevent-file.
28) kernel: usbnet: fix status interrupt urb handling.
29) kernel: ipv6: fix fragment process in ip output finish.
30) kernel: ipv6: don't install anycast address for /128 addresses on routers.
31) kernel: ipv6: remove old conditions on flow label sharing.
32) kernel: ipv6: do not erase dst address with flow label destination.
33) kernel: ipv6: user better hash for addrconf.
34) kernel: net: link_watch: Eliminate potential delay on wrap-around.
35) kernel: tcp: delete redundant calls of tcp_mtup_init().
36) kernel: tcp: remove redundant code in __tcp_retransmit_skb().
37) kernel: tcp: tcp_transmit_skb() optimizations.
38) kernel: tcp: remove Appropriate Byte Count support.
39) kernel: tcp: avoid a possible divide by zero.
40) kernel: tcp: Remove unrequired operations in tcp_push().
41) kernel: tcp: cleanup ca_state mess in tcp_timer.
42) kernel: tcp: don't clear hints when tcp_fragmenting.
43) kernel: tcp: fix length used for checksum in a reset.
44) kernel: ipv4: arp: update neighbour address when a gratuitous arp is received and arp_accept is set.
45) kernel: mips: allow use generic clock events and high res timers, and set by default.
46) kernel: pppoe: fix some very old bugs in driver code.
47) kernel: ppp: slight optimization of addr compare.
48) kernel: fix w/r mem buf size set.
49) kernel: use fair group CPU scheduler by default.
50) kernel: remove bridge fastpath code (not need now, very low speedup bridge operation and make transit slowly).
51) kernel: refactoring code nat fastpath and route fastpath.
52) kernel: speedup software network operation ~2-5% depended of case.
53) kernel: fastroute/fastnat: consolidate code check allowed for software offload process (one check for fastroute/nat cases).
54) kernel: hw_nat: unifi udp checksumm workaround code and add skip tranzit ipsec and l2tp.
55) kernel: bridge: remove forward control dead code.
56) kernel: af_unix: fix 'poll for write'/ connected DGRAM sockets.
57) kernel: tcp: kernel: cubic optimization.
58) kernel: small gcc optimize flag tune.
59) kernel: net: fix a race in sock_queue_err_skb().
60) goahead: fix route apply logic (call full reconfigure network at apply).
61) goahead: fix system log read and add access denied attemps.
62) goahead: fix cpu load calculations.
63) goahead: add remote ssh port to WebUi.

1) net: fix 'ip rule' iif/oif device rename.
2) dropbear: up to 2014.63 version.
3) radvd: up to 1.10.0 version.
4) miniupnpd: up to 1.8.20140422 version.
5) p910nd: up to 0.97 version.
6) usb-modeswitch-data: up to 20140129 version.
7) xupnpd: up to 398 revision.
8) dnsmasq: up to 2.70 version.
9) init.d: add miniupnp pcp chain.
10) usb-modeswitch: update data to 20140327 version.
11) webui: add support mppe for l2tp server.
12) webui: fix mtu/mru change for l2tp server.
13) kernel: net: unix socket code abuses csum_partial.
14) kernel: ipv6: ip6_forward: perform skb->pkt_type check at the beginning.
15) kernel: vlan: slight optimization for skb_do_rcv().
16) kernel: tcp: do not leak non zero tstamp in output packets.
17) kernel: net: sched: use no more than one page in struct fw_head.
18) kernel: udp: fix a race in encap_rcv handling.
19) kernel: net: unix: non blocking recvmsg() should not return -EINTR.
20) kernel: jiffies: Avoid undefined behavior from signed overflow.
21) kernel: net: optimize csum_replace2().
22) kernel: ppp_mppe: backport fixes from upstream.
23) kernel: tcp: use zero-window when free_space is low.
24) kernel: tcp: undo spurious timeout after SACK reneging.
25) kernel: xfrm: Allow packet drops during larval state resolution.
26) kernel: netfilter: nf_conntrack: use hlists for conntrack hash.
27) kernel: netfilter: nf_conntrack: early_drop improvement.
28) kernel: ipv4: return valid RTA_IIF on ip route get.
29) kernel: hw_nat: fix error path in alloc memory for hash.

1) toolchain: fix wrong optimization with -O2 4.7/4.8 version gcc regression.
2) toolchain: gcc up to 4.8.3.
3) backport fixes from SDK (hw_nat/skbuff/tso/etc..).
4) dropbear: reconfigure for support portforward (disable by defaultd in init.d).
5) defaults: enable WmmCapable (temp disabled some times ago).
6) webui: add WMM capable.
7) igmpproxy: fix periodic timer on broken system time.
8) dnsmasq: update to 2.71 version.
9) libcurl: up to 7.37.0 version.
10) miniupnpd: up to 1.8.20140523 version.
11) busybox: dhcpc: workaround for ugly ISP (as Moscow QWERTY) on recived mtu = 576 bytes instead 1500 for IPOE.
12) busybox: udhcpc source IP rebind patch.
13) busybox: udhcpc: make hostname sanitization optional. Closes 3979.
14) xupnpd: up to 399 revision.
15) radvd: up to 1.14.0 version.
16) openssl: up to 0.9.8za.
17) udpxy: add mreq support and not build fileinput support.
18) udpxy: add workaround for client fake freez situations.
19) udpxy: sync with upstream git 16 Jun 2014.
20) udpxy: allways disable ipv6 support (not real devices used ipv6 for streaming).
21) apps: more apps build with gc-sections (802.1x,dropbear,inadyn,iptables,lldt,miniupnpd,radvd,wireless_tool,xupnpd).
22) lltd: fix physical medium type set for wireless.
23) init.d: fix work wins for local l2tp server clients.
24) init.d: fix work local services (upnp,radvd,etc) if vpn client on and dgw not in vpn.
25) dropbear: use multicall build for summary decrease size.
26) kernel: more spi flash support.
27) kernel: base MT7620 support.
28) kernel: netfilter: nf_conntrack: flush net_gre->keymap_list only from gre helper.
29) kernel: ipv6: don't create clones of host routes.
30) kernel: usb serial(option/cdc_acm/cdc_ether): add some modems support.
31) kernel: mppe: fix stop work after recive serios reordered packets.
32) kernel: ralink drivers 2.7.x.x: fix stop work after some clients reconnect or some call ap scan.
33) kernel: /lib/string and /lib/memcopy replace by glibc version (more fast).
34) kernel: tcp: place file operations directly into tcp_seq_afinfo.
35) kernel: tcp_cubic: fix the range of delayed_ack.
36) kernel: sched: Keep kthreads at default priority.
37) kernel: ipv6: fix IPV6_RECVERR handling of locally-generated errors.
38) kernel: ipv4: remove redundant verification code.
39) kernel: cifs: typo in earlier cifs_reconnect fix.
40) kernel: cifs: fix for incorrect session reconnects.
41) kernel: cifs: fix bad handling of EAGAIN error on kernel_recvmsg in cifs_demultiplex_thread.
42) kernel: ipc: sysvsem: refuse clone(CLONE_SYSVSEM|CLONE_NEWIPC).
43) kernel: ipc: sysvsem: force unshare(CLONE_SYSVSEM) when CLONE_NEWIPC.
44) kernel: ipc: sysvsem: implement sys_unshare(CLONE_SYSVSEM).
45) kernel: bridge: replace fdb hash to more fast function (~10% hash speed up).
46) kernel: ipmr: increase cache resolve queue len (prevent drop unresolved request).
47) kernel: usb serial: add some modems support.
48) kernel: mm: reduce atomic use on use_mm fast path.
49) kernel: 8021q: fix a potential memory leak.
50) kernel: ipv6: in case of link failure remove route directly instead of letting it expire.
51) kernel: ip6_pol_route panic: Do not allow VLAN on loopback.
52) kernel: tun: orphan an skb on tx.
53) kernel: option: add support RAS modem TE W120.
54) kernel: netfilter: ipv6: move xfrm_lookup at end of ip6_route_me_harder.
55) kernel: netfilter: disable xt_string and friends (not used, save flash free space).
56) kernel: pppol2tp: backport rebind tunnel support and some fixes.
57) kernel: pppol2tp: backport send/recv messages optimization.
58) kernel: ipv6: set defaults param as in ipv4 code.
59) kernel: igmp: fix the problem when mc leave group.
60) kernel: core: slight optimization of process backlog loop.
61) kernel: tcp: remove bad timeout logic in fast recovery.
62) kernel: ipv6: define constants for link-local multicast addresses.
63) kernel: ipv6: send ICMPv6 RSes only when RAs are accepted.
64) kernel: all archs: consolidate init and exit sections in vmlinux.lds.h.
65) kernel: add missing init section definitions.

1) build system: cleanup and tune build flags for more speed and safe codegeneration.
2) toolchain: move to 4.8.4 gcc svn version (after 4.8.3 release 4.8 tree apply only bugfixes).
3) toolchain: binutils: apply some upstream fixes.
4) init.d: use wins from uplink network if exist, and some optimize.
5) init.d: fix work crontab after login change.
6) init.d: after gen mac new mac write ti factory part to (more compat with others software and legacy sdk).
7) init.d: fs: add fs change_mac command for change/clone WAN mac adress.
8) init.d: udhcpc script: add support switch reinit on leasefail for devices with external rtl switch (example N56U).
9) init.d: try use original mac adresses for wan/lan if exist (now 3052 only).
10) init.d: rewrite reload services logic (more simple and more safe).
11) init.d: prevent loop if some ipv6 tunnels configured.
12) init.d: no need del address at zcip deconfig logic.
13) init.d: use sysctl in some cases instead of direct write to procfs.
14) webui: add enable/disable netfilter skip processing for filter established sessions and skip window check(netfilter fastpath mode).
15) webui/kext: rework offload engine and fastpath modes tune.
16) usb-modeswitch-data: up to 20140529.
17) pppd: version up to 2.4.7 (9 Aug 2014).
18) pppd: pppol2tp plugin: fix usage invalid handle.
19) openssl: version up to 0.9.8zb.
20) tools: fix eth_mac tool (manipulate mac in factory part, now tested only in 2.4Ghz 305x devices).
21) libcurl: up to 7.37.1 version.
22) uboot: up to 4.2.S.1 version.
23) dropbear: update to 2014.65.
24) dropbear: fix keepalive.
25) base_system: backports from new sdk for support MT7620 (process non end now).
26) dnsmasq: update to 2.72 version.
27) goahead: fix handle reset/wps buttons.
28) miniupnpd: up to 1.8.20140906 version.
29) system: replace ip tool from busybox to iproute2 version (need for 6rd tunnels based acess ipv6 support).
30) kernel: net/l2tp: don't fall back on UDP [get|set]sockopt.
31) kernel: net: igmp: reduce Unsolicited report interval to 1s when using IGMPv3.
32) kernel: net: replace continue with break to reduce unnecessary loop in xxx_xmarksources.
33) kernel: net: ipv6: igmp6_event_query: use msecs_to_jiffies.
34) kernel: net: potential null skb->dev dereference.
35) kernel: net: optimize non-gso test checks.
36) kernel: net: linkwatch: allow vlans to get carrier changes faster.
37) kernel: net: fix memory leak in the proto_register function.
38) kernel: net: sendmsg: fix NULL pointer dereference.
39) kernel: net: unix: inherit SOCK_PASS{CRED, SEC} flags from socket to fix race.
40) kernel: ipv4,ipv6: send igmpv3/mld packets with TC_PRIO_CONTROL.
41) kernel: ipv4: force_igmp_version ignored when a IGMPv3 query received.
42) kernel: ipv6: increase maximum lifetime of flow labels (RFC 3697).
43) kernel: ipv6: Check RA for sllao when configuring optimistic ipv6 address.
44) kernel: ipv6: enable RFC 4429 Optimistic DAD per default.
45) kernel: ipv6: prevent race between address creation and removal.
46) kernel: ipv6: fix preferred_lft not updating in some cases.
47) kernel: ipv6: don't accept multicast traffic with scope 0.
48) kernel: ipv6: udp: possible dst leak in udpv6_sendmsg.
49) kernel: ipv6: check the hop limit setting in ancillary data.
50) kernel: ipv6: remove optimistic DAD flag test in ipv6_add_addr() and enable by default.
51) kernel: ipv6: update Destination Cache entries when gateway turn into host(RFC 4861).
52) kernel: ipv6: fix dangling references on error in fib6_add().
53) kernel: ipv6: udp packets following an UFO enqueued packet need also be handled by UFO.
54) kernel: netfilter: improve ipv4 netfilter optimization pass default table.
55) kernel: netfilter: allow disabling processing of the netfilter "filter" table for established connection packets.
56) kernel: netfilter: don't use mutex_lock_interruptible().
57) kernel: igmp: call ip_mc_clear_src() only when we have no users of ip_mc_list.
58) kernel: ip_output: do skb ufo init for peeked non ufo skb as well.
59) kernel: option driver add new modems support (from 3.16 kernel).
60) kernel: ppp: refresh Ralink hardware watchdog timer, prevent reboot at high cpu load.
61) kernel: packet: add needed_tailroom to packet_sendmsg_spkt.
62) kernel: net_sched: qdisc_alloc_handle() can be too slow.
63) kernel: tcp: make sure write_queue_from does not begin with NULL ptr.
64) kernel: tcp: set initial_ssthresh default to zero in Cubic and BIC.
65) kernel: imq: automatic exclude redirected to imq traffic from PPE and FastNat.
66) kernel: sched: decrease user max rt_prio to 10, this reducing the size of the O(1) scheduler arrays (small save ticks).
67) kernel: hw_nat: small optimize, fix need drop magic tag and mark unhit in ip6 local output.
68) kernel: hw_nat: conntrack: correct skip v6 packets in conntrack_in (for hw_nat v2).
69) kernel: raeth: implement ondemand wan status check for devices with external rtl switch (example N56U).
70) kernel: wifi drivers: fix RTPRIV_IOCTL_GET_MAC_TABLE_STRUCT on RTxxxX driver 2.5.X.X.
71) kernel: ralink_spi: if flash not detected use stub depended from kernel config (4/8/16Mb select).
72) kernel: hw_nat: update code and dependecys(need for MT7620 support).
73) kernel: hw_nat: use global spinlock for serializing access to FoE DMA, extend module params.
74) kernel: speedhack: review section arrange and add some time critical code to fastpath section(up l2tp speed from ~130FDX to ~150FDX).
75) kernel: rewrite min3, max3 and clamp using min and max.
76) kernel: fix check and set ignore dont fragment flag in some cases.
77) kernel: spi_driver: add support MT762x support.
78) kernel: net_sched: avoid generating same handle for u32 filters.
79) kernel: inet: fix possible memory corruption with UDP_CORK and UFO.
80) kernel: ip: fix possible crashes in ip*_cork_release().

1) transmission: disable ipv6 by default (avoid kernel panic on some installations).
2) usb: fix double modem init.
3) goahead: cleanup and small fixes.
4) goahead: add change wan mac in webUI.
5) goahead: fix regression crash at short reset press.
6) goahead: rearrange services in misc pages for more usefull.
7) openssl up to 0.9.8zc version.
8) toolchain: move to 4.8.4 gcc svn version (after 4.8.3 release 4.8 tree apply only bugfixes).
9) apps: port wive-dhcpv6 (need write client logic, server logic work good).
10) miniupnpd: up to version 1.9.20141108.
11) busybox: apply lzop and zcat upstream patchs.
12) busybox: udhcpc: allow unicast RENEW for lease time from 60s, allow first unicast RENEW on force renew performed (fix short leases under ISP with DHCP snooping).
13) pppd: cap MTU to the user configured value.
14) init.d: fix get vendid at new mac generate.
15) init.d: add check first octet in mac readed from old factory for prevent read from crashed mtd FF.
16) init.d: rewrite logic for ipv6 suppor (need write logic for more modes support).
17) init.d: radvd,dhcpv6: read dns server from uplink if recived.
18) init.d: enable multicast2unicast in wifi drivers only if igmpproxy enabled.
19) init.d: move dhcpv6 client start to wan config.
20) init.d: reconfigure ipv6 after recive params from ISP.
21) init.d: use ISP DNS ipv6 servers for local resolv if recived.
22) init.d: ipv6: need check ipv4 adress on wan only in tunneling modes.
23) init.d: fix pcp/nat-pmp control port accept from lan.
24) init.d: add static routes for all resolved vpn server adresses.
25) init.d: remove web_wait logic, not more need and unused some time.
26) init.d: vpnhelper: direct set iface name in static routes to vpn servers.
27) init.d: optimize get parametrs from nvram (more variable always avail by call global script).
28) init.d: always tune wifi after ifacse up.
29) init.d: tune parametrs for apcli to.
30) init.d: do not use goahead.pid as boot complete flag, use /tmp/goodboot instead (more independed from goahead logic).
31) init.d: in ap/apcli bridge mode enable Multicast2Unicast independed Igmpproxy enabled.
32) init.d: optimize and small fix switch and offload configure.
33) init.d: add shortname for LAN (need to lldpd daemon for hostname resolutions).
34) goahead: fix swith from/to apcli with apcli bridge only modes.
35) goahead: add base webUI for ipv6 configure (need write logic for more modes support).
36) goahead: add dhcpv6 server control in misc.
37) goahead: fix add portforward rules (syntax compat with new iptables fix, actual for MT tree).
38) goahead: remove double restart ripd/zebra.
39) goahead: remove dead mesh support.
40) goahead: fix print error messages at update fw/restore settings/load rwfs.
41) goahead: read lan/wan ifnames from /tmp/*an_if_name exported by init.d in global script.
42) goahead: fix get mode vpn.
43) goahead: add show real ip adress vpn/wan in status page.
44) goahead: use mtd_write erase RW-FS instead of direct crash rwfs.
45) kernel: hw_nat: update to 2.51 version.
46) kernel: spi: add more flash support.
47) kernel: ipv6: fix tcp_v6_send_response(): it didn't set skb transport header.
48) kernel: ipv6: go not warn for informational ICMP messages, regardless of type.
49) kernel: ipv6: reimplement add LL routes.
50) kernel: ralink_spi: de-assert CS before change SPIENMODE to HW control.
51) kernel: ralink_wifi: allways init auto fallback for all chips.
52) kernel: ralink wifi: prevent skb double free in igmp_snoop processiong.
53) kernel: ralink wifi: rx/tx optimization (remove stupid wrappers in time critical code).
54) kernel: ralink wifi: update eeprom in drivers by fabric.
55) kernel: ralink wifi: add lost mtk patches.
56) kernel: ralink wifi: implement txring fast free hack for all drivers.
57) kernel: ralink wifi: decrease life check packets max count, decrease life time and check entry interval for more speed cleanup died clients.
58) kernel: ralink wifi: decrease tx ring size (set 64 instead of 128).
59) kernel: ralink wifi: add lost increment retry count in jam traffic detect path.
60) kernel: ralink wifi: v2.5: decrease BASize for 2T2R Atheros clients (improve throughput and fix packets lost on some clients).
61) kernel: ralink wifi: v2.5: set MpduDensity = 7 for Atheros clients (improve throughput and fix packets lost on some clients).
62) kernel: ralink wifi: fix tx ring full issue at M2U enabled.
63) kernel: ralink wifi: fix m2u filter tabel. Add MDNS and fix IgmpV3 filter.
64) kernel: l2tp: fix race while getting PMTU on PPP pseudo-wire.
65) kernel: hw_nat: show destination port on PpeHitBindForceToCpuHandler failed.
66) kernel: net: optimise inet_proto_csum_replace4() and inet_proto_csum_replace4.
67) kernel: jiffies: fix timeval conversion to jiffies.
68) kernel: mips: O32/32-bit: Fix bug which can cause incorrect system call restarts.
69) kernel: small tune refcnt hack.
70) kernel: ipv4: fix nexthop attlen check in fib_nh_match.
71) kernel: hw_nat: spin_(un)lock must be Bottom Halve (prevent deadlock).
72) kernel: fastroute: increase CB offcet (found used offset 41 in wifi drivers).
73) kernel: kernel: fix misuses of f_count() in ppp.
74) kernel: bridge: disable igmp no flooding logic (not more need after bf_fastpath remove).

1) toolchain: update kernel headers and gcc up to 4.8.4 release.
2) build_system: use no reorder block gcc flag for build with optimize for size.
3) uboot: update to last version.
4) libevent: up to 2.0.22 version.
5) openssl up to 0.9.8ze version.
6) busybox: update to 1.23.0 version.
7) busybox: sync with upstream (busybox-1.23.0-ash.patch, busybox-1.23.0-modprobe.patch, busybox-1.23.0-vi.patch).
8) busybox: downgrade zcip code to 1.22.x version(easy fix new gcc issue, need rewrite later).
9) busybox: fix create char device /dev/mtdX as block device (child for /dev/mtdblockX).
10) reg tool: small fixup.
11) mii tool: fixup and add 7628 support.
12) gpio tool: fix 9532 mode support.
13) nvram lib: do not direct read from flash at show.
14) nvram tool: fix generate wifi config.
15) goahead: cleanup dead code and fix debug.
16) goahead: fix redirect submit-url issue (may be crash or not correct redirects).
17) goahead: boost ipaddress buffer size.
18) goahead: tune default parametrs (increase preallocated bufferss and others).
19) goahead: fix infinitive loop with high cpu usage in websGetInput.
20) goahead: fix potentional security issue (extend path check in url req handler).
21) goahead: fix info leak in socket reuse code.
22) goahead: limit request ring length.
23) goahead: fix return web error code in some case.
24) igmpproxy: fix init mrDesc.
25) xl2tpd: up to Nov 26, 2014 git version.
26) miniupnpd: up to 1.9.20141209 version.
27) uClibc: resolv more compliant with RFC1034.
28) pppd: fix segfault pppol2tp plugin on IPv6 disabled (broken L2TP).
29) xupnpd: update to 404r.
30) xupnpd: lua: update to 5.3.0 version.
31) igmpproxy: optimize retry timeouts.
32) dropbear: up to 2015.67 version.
33) kernel/configs: full disable vlan offload support for 3x5x (not correct work and not used long time).
34) kernel: ralink_wifi: update to (20140820) AP/STA drivers.
35) kernel: ralink_wifi: backport ApCliRcvBeaconTime fix from 3.x.x.x driver.
36) kernel: ralink_wifi: use 64 bit traffic counters.
37) kernel: mips: Properly align the .data..init_task section.
38) kernel: irq: disallow commit to random entropy pool from every irq(decrease latency).
39) kernel: ralink_spi: add N25Q256A and MT25QL512AB support.
40) kernel: netfilter: nf_conntrack: allow server to become a client in TW handling.
41) kernel: net: rearrange loop in net_rx_action.

1) toolchain: sync uclibc patches, update gcc to 04.06.2015 4.8.5 version form git, update headers.
2) build_system: fix build libc headers (use -isystem instead of -I for correct dependency).
3) ethtool: disable build vendors extensions (decrease size).
4) ethtool: up to 3.18 version.
5) quagga: up to version.
6) usb-modeswitch-data: up to up to 20150115.
7) miniupnpd: up to 1.9.20150430 version.
8) busybox: apply busybox-1.23.1-wget.patch.
9) openssl up to 0.9.8zg version.
10) dnsmasq: up to 2.73rc10.
11) miniupnpd: up to 1.9.20150427 version.
12) goahead: fix error messages at call external scripts in some case.
13) goahead: fix upload firmware error handling.
14) goahead: fix lang select race in some situations.
15) goahead: fix memory leak at wireless->basic page parse.
16) goahead: fix drop security settings after mode change.
17) init.d: fix logging if syslog disabled.
18) init.d: dnsmasq: remove -f (--filterwin2k) no needed now (need only for ppp dial-on-demand support now).
19) udhcpc: fix static routes apply in some cases.
20) dhcpv6: fix renewal of IA NA.
21) dhcpv6: close file descriptors on exec.
22) dhcpv6: try and generate a default IFID only if an IFID is not configured.
23) dhcpv6: ignore advertise messages with none of requested data and missed status codes.
24) dhcpv6: do not open a routing socket that's never used.
25) dhcpv6: more compath with new uclibc/glibc.
26) xupnpd: switch to 5.1.x lua use (fix compat with last portable upnpd sdk with bug utf locale parse).
27) xupnpd: use mpeg as default mime type (more devices compat whith this type).
28) xupnpd: implement base profile for Panasonic Viera(need manual default mime set to mpeg_ts now).
29) xupnpd: auto use udpxy if enabled.
30) pppd: do not build ipx support if not enabled in kernel.
31) kernel: ralink_wifi fix build correct without DBG defined.
32) kernel: ralink_wifi: desintegrate AP_QLOAD and chanbusytime in ap_autoChSel.
33) kernel: ralink_wifi: disable 40MHz intolerant support if DRAFT3 undefined.
34) kernel: net: reject creation of netdev names with colons.
35) kernel: fastpaths: clear in ip_input CB only for loopback packets.
36) kernel: pppoe: lacks DST MAC address check.
37) kernel: ppp: unset skb checksum complete in ppp_receive_frame.
38) kernel: nvram: fix check part size in commit.
39) kernel: udp: fix behavior of wrong checksums.
40) kernel: jhash: Update jhash_[321]words functions to use correct initval.
41) kernel: ipv6: Don't reduce hop limit for an interface.
42) kernel: generic: mark complex bitops.h inlines as __always_inline.
43) kernel: ipv4: ipmr: various fixes and cleanups.
44) kernel: mips: iomap: use __mem_{read,write}{b,w,l} for MMIO.

1) toolchain: update gcc to 4.8.5 release, update headers.
2) toolchain: enhance build reproducability.
3) toolchain: apply some regressions fix backports to gcc, update headers.
4) busybox: update to 1.24.1 version.
5) dnsmasq: up to 2.75.
6) dropbear: up to 2015.70 version.
7) miniupnpd: workaround issue with Windows 10 (UDA 2.0 devices and control points SHALL implement IPv4 and IPv6).
8) miniupnpd: up to 1.9.20151212 version.
9) usb-modeswitch-data: up to 2015-11-01.
10) xupnpd: up to 1.034 version commit 97b8a7ef (use old style ui).
11) xupnpd: move TTK-IPTV to feed and cleanup RTK-TV.
12) xl2tpd: sync with devel tree 26 Nov 2015.
13) igmpproxy: silence downstream interface igmp messages.
14) wireless_tool: sync with internal x86 router tree.
15) init.d: fix vpn server work regression.
16) init.d: fix xl2tp client/server restart infinity stop at some cases.
17) kernel: wifi: backport dequeue TX condition.
18) kernel: mips: c-r4k: Fix typo in probe_scache().
19) kernel: mips: irq: Use DECLARE_BITMAP.
20) kernel: mips: vmlinux: discard .MIPS.abiflags.
21) kernel: mips: fix PAGE_MASK definition.
22) kernel: do_sigaction: don't worry about signal_pending().
23) kernel: sigwait eats blocked default-ignore signals.
24) kernel: uglify kill_pid_info() to fix kill() vs exec() race.
25) kernel: pipe: iovec: fix memory corruption when retrying atomic copy as non-atomic.
26) kernel: sd: clear PS bit before Mode Select.
27) kernel: net: netfilter: ipv6: fix afinfo->route refcnt leak on error.
28) kernel: net: Kill sock->sk_protinfo.
29) kernel: net: inet: remove BUG_ON() in twsk_destructor().
30) kernel: net: fix nlmsg len size for skb when error bit is set.
31) kernel: net: arp: filter NOARP neighbours for SIOCGARP.
32) kernel: net: ipv6: send NEWLINK on RA managed/otherconf changes.
33) kernel: net: pppoe: drop PPPOX_ZOMBIEs in pppoe_flush_dev.
34) kernel: net: unix: sk_socket can disappear when state is unlocked.
35) kernel: net: netfilter: fix removal of GRE expectation entries created by PPTP.
36) kernel: net: add dev_loopback_xmit() to avoid duplicate code.
37) kernel: net: ipmr: fix vif/tunnel failure race condition.
38) kernel: net: add validation for the socket syscall protocol argument.
39) kernel: net: pptp: verify sockaddr_len in pptp_bind() and pptp_connect().
40) kernel: net: af_unix: Revert 'lock_interruptible' in stream receive code.
41) kernel: net: scm: fix PaX detected msg_controllen overflow in scm_detach_fds.

1) dropbear: up to 2016.73 version.
2) dropbear: small revert fix regression break work in inetd mode.
3) dropbear: add force proto famaly set (IPv4/6).
4) dropbear: fix signature check.
5) dropbear: increase kex hash cache size.
6) dropbear: allow 3des,rsa,ecdsa,ecdh for compat.
7) busybox: udhcpd: keep expired leases at startup.
8) busybox: update to 1.24.2 version and apply post patches.
9) usb_modeswitch: up data files to 20160112 version.
10) miniupnpd: up to 2.0 version.
11) dnsmasq: up to 2.76rc2 version.
12) xl2tpd: fix #98 by checking if a valid PID is being killed.
13) xl2tpd: sync with devel tree 01 Apr 2016 (1.3.7 version).14) xupnpd: generic plugin fix.
15) busybox: truncate: always set mode when opening file to avoid fortify errors.
16) cpdtool, igmpproxy, lldt, pppd, xupnpd, udpxy, p910nd fix some issues found by cppcheck.
17) goahead: generate /etc/portforward_access for forward allow only for needed ip of portforward activate.
18) init.d: vpnserver: remove unneded second dgw to clients network (unused).
19) init.d: portforward allow forward packets only for needed ports and ip, if nat enabled and portforward rules really generate.
20) init.d: move l2tp server form S to W runlevel for correct restart after apply new changes.
21) init.d: l2tp server ip-up: split masqrade rules.
22) init.d: fix portforward regression in wan_if without real address case.
23) init.d: fix dns for l2tp server clients work.
24) init.d: udhcpc-script: fix parse routes in some case.
25) init.d: udhcpc-script: add workaound for ISP with DGW over others net.
26) init.d: udhcpc-script: flush route cache after route table modifications.
27) init.d: udhcpc-script: add route stubs with low cost metric for prio real work routes.
28) kernel: tty: fix GPF in flush_to_ldisc().29) kernel: proc: return -ENOMEM when inode allocation failed.
30) kernel: ipv6/udp: use sticky pktinfo egress ifindex on connect().
31) kernel: net: af_unix: don't set err in unix_stream_read_generic unless there was an error.
32) kernel: pppoe: fix reference counting in PPPoE proxy.
33) kernel: pipe: Fix buffer offset after partially failed read.
34) kernel: csum: Update csum_block_add to use rotate instead of byteswap.

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